Hardships and Change are they worth it?

Saying is from the book, "Streams in the Desert" by L.B.Cowman.  My fav devotional and well worn and read. All art work is my own. 

Although the pain of segments of our life are difficult and hard, they always reap a blessing we cannot see so readily.  Our loving Father has destined a journey for us that will reap a character blessing unmeasured.  IF we allow Him too.  That is where trust and faith really come into play.  For if we choose to ignore or deny the change that needs to come we shall never gain the growth we need for the future.  Then what use are we?

I have found that although God does all the work, there is one little element that depends on us.  We must CHOOSE to want to change.  There is a point after repeated opportunities to change that we deny or accept the road to change.  I have noticed this in two people close to my heart . Years ago one person was repeatedly offered the choice to come and learn of God and His ways.  After repeatedly denying to even find out, that persons life was done on this earth at age 34.  They lost his chance at that point in time.  I believe that person will get to try again- for God's plan is amazing for those who really want to find out.  Then there is another person who I know who has been giving ample opportunities to follow a better path, but so far they blindly want to go on living the way they always have.  Even though that path leads to chaos, hurt, poverty and depression in their lives they just will not let go of it to even TRY a new one.  It is so sad, and maybe the worst part is their choice hurts all who know them!

In a way it is so selfish to stay on a path that destroys and hurts the very people they claim to love because they are so into what they think is best or are familiar with, that they refuse to change and expect those that love them to just keep shouldering their burdens that they should be carrying.

A great analogy from the book, "Is it you, me or adult ADD"

A man loses one of his legs.  He has a wife and kids.  But instead of taking the time to get a fake leg and learning to walk with the new leg he denies that path.  He goes home unable to walk without assistance.  He does not even consider a mobil chair but prefers to live life as before.  But of course it will not be as before.  When he cannot get to the bathroom one of the kids or his wife must help him, when they go camping his kids and his wife carry all his camp gear as well as their own, and as they try to carry all this extra baggage he only yells and gets angry at them for never doing things his way.  Blaming them for the problems and stumbles he has all through every day. He looses all his friends after he burdens them to death with help he wants but never decides to learn new ways of doing things himself. Never noticing the pain and hurt it is causing the children and his wife how long do you suppose they will be willing to stay with the man?  What long term effects will this action he has taken do to the members of his family?  The man does have a handicap and does need loved ones but where does HIS love for others come in?

These are my words from the example from that book but a excellent example!

We each must make decisions and perhaps the easiest formula to choose is, "will this decision bring me closer to God or further away" in my growth ?  Sometimes this may take awhile to answer.  If you are considering marrying you need a long time to get to really know the person you are going to marry.  Will that relationship help or hinder your relationship with God?  If you are going into business for yourself will this increase your relationship with God or will it consume your mind and distance you from God.  Trust God in all your decisions. Make a right choice for you and all that love you, even if it means some painful paths to CHANGE.  The end results are worth it!

Thankfully Many people DO decide to change!  They are offered the truth and even though they do not understand it all yet they trust God to lead them through whatever is necessary to follow that new path. They WANT to change.  They are willing to go the extra mile even if it hurts to change.  They will humble themselves and let God work out the details as they start putting one foot in front of another down a new path!  Will you?

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