Celebrating 35 yrs Since I said Yes............

January 18th 35 years ago today, I was submersed under water as a sign of my acceptance to follow God for the rest of my life. 

 I made a deliberate decision to change 180 degrees and put aside MY will and follow God's will for living.  I have went through many hardships but not once have I regretted my choice to say "yes" when God called me.  Some people think that by being a follower of Jesus Christ means all your days will be without pain or trials, but we know ALL people go through hardships.  The only difference is that those who choose Christ have a ally that cannot be defeated.

My best can never match His Perfectness. I am a witness to how God works faithfully in a persons life.  God has never let me down, allowed me to go without food, shelter or care.  Through sickness, pain, death of loved ones and everyday living, God is my strong foundation that makes me who I am.  I am happy and positive because of what God has taught me.  He has given me purpose and hope for the future.  Not only for me but for my children and grandchild as well.  I see the world and all its woes and problems in the correct perspective.

A rainbow behind me at coos bay oregon
We all know without correct perspective in a piece of art the view is not clear or correct!  So it is with our lives.  If we live not knowing all will work out then we will be without hope and with out hope humanity will do all kinds of atrocious things.  Without finding someone to love us unconditionally we are always seeking true love in all the wrong ways and places.

I lived without Christ from birth through teen years and into young adult.  I know what life is like before I had God in my life and how life is like WITH God in my life.  I can be a true witness that with God life is 100 percent greater than without!  I liken my life without God as like living without sight.  Trying to live each day with out having the questions or answers to happiness, fulfillment or real love.
I use to live with whatever came to my mind I did.  I was easily led this way or that like a dead fish floating down a stream.  I believe I would have been a drunk, a bad mother who never cared for her children in a good way, a disobedient daughter to my parents without respect due them, a selfish friend, a useless worker, and prob. would have lived from day to day just getting by.  My children would have been raised without purpose and without love.  They would have been into drugs and alcohol abuse.
Do not take this to mean that good parents sometimes find their kids doing wrong things.  Our children make choices too, and it is up to every single individual to choose a right path.  Most of us choose badly at times throughout our life.  But when God is with you, He makes a way through and out of those. I am saying if we adults live wrong we are more likely to produce wrong behavior in our kids.

But, after the first ruined marriage, God did call me.  I did accept His offer of a better life.  I have not fulfilled the path of ruin that could have happened.  I have made mistakes on my road to learn how to follow the ways of God.  But I am far better now then when we first began, and my children of God are way ahead in successful living.
My son and I about 8 yrs ago

We cannot go back in life and undo what we did before but we can start today and give up what we see as right and find out what is the truth, the life and the way to real meaning through Jesus Christ.  Sadly there are many who say they follow Christ who's actions and deeds show they do not.  Each person must learn on their own acceptance.  It is not those who go to church every week that are the true followers of God but those who DO the will of God.  And that not by our strength or knowledge but as God has given us to do.

It will take a large book to tell of all the miraculous things God has done in my life, His provision, His care, His direction, His teaching.  But you can read of others in the Word of God .  THe Holy Bible.
God willing, someday I will write that book.  Of how God took my failures and build a strong foundation where I stand at the House the Lamb today.  You may see a old woman who does not have great physical "things" in this world.  But God sees a child of His that has never quit, keeps on learning and growing.  God is pleased with me not because of what I can do but because I trust who HE IS!
My  dad and I one yr before he died

My dad never believed.  Thankfully My mother does.  Most my family has come to believe but not all. Not YET.   I can not make them believe.  Only God can open minds in His time and in His way.
But I am so blessed, I wish there were words to express how much better a life is with God than without God.

I have found those who believe they do not need God will not accept God in their lives.  In time all people will see how much their efforts will fail and when the time comes when all seems hopeless God will be the answer.  That is a start.  It is so much more.

I have added some photos of me in this post today but I normally never put up photos of me.  It is not about me, it is about God. A new way to live abundantly and fully.  For those who want that of course.  We all can say yes or no.  Choose Life God says, not death.  God is REAL, His ways are Perfect.  If you have never believed you can start now, if you thought you knew him but somehow got bitter or felt some church wronged you, maybe you do not know Him as you should.
My Daughter and I in Bellevue at her Graduation of Animation School

 For IF you  truly know the God I live for you will have peace and Joy unending no matter your circumstances.  You will overcome all obstacles in your path to the solid true meaning of life.

My oldest daughter and I 

light bulb moment

My mother and I

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