God's View of those in Authority over you

This month most americans decorate their homes, do a LOT of shopping, proclaim this is the month of the birth of Jesus Christ.  To rejoice and be filled with Peace and good cheer.  To love as Christ did toward all mankind.  But What I SEE and Hear Most is.............

Nations filled with hate and war on tv, people putting down other people, anger and bad mouthing their neighbor.  In the newspaper I read of children being abused and killed, guns drawn and fights in movie theaters and on our nations road ways.  Oh, and ONE news post of a generous NY Policeman who bought 75 dollar shoes to a apparent homeless man.   Only to find out later he is not homeless and he sold the shoes as they were expensive- then was on the street shoeless again.  Never the less the GOOD deed by the policeman is to be greatly rejoiced.  I do know that there are genuine love for others by some.  Not the many.  The tide has turned.

If you find yourself angry, hateful, with thoughts unworthy of a child of God, what do you do?
Go and get others to name call and gossip?  To stir up strife?  Yes we are to HATE SIN.  That is the action of people but NOT hate the sinner!  Christ never set us a example to hate others.  Christ never even said anything negative about the then evil rulers of the time did he!  NO!  The only ones he had harsh words toward were the religious rulers of the day.  KNOWING the law of God they still prided themselves in the LAW but were blind to the purpose of the law!

We must not be like that.  I watched a interesting documentary of a certain gang that is growing in america and south america.  This gang proclaims this faith:
#1  love to God
#2 Love to mom
#3 Die for your gang

What!  You go and kill, hate people and say GOD is number one in your life?  What bible are you are reading?  They are NOT reading the bible or following it!   Or the nations who proclaim all their wars are in the Name of God.  This is all from SATAN.  God himself says they worship the God of this world NOT GOD of the universe. Not Jesus Christ or God the Father!

This is all the same as in all of history though.  There is nothing new under the sun.  It is escalating toward the return of Christ but the time is not yet.  All is progressing toward the plan of God and nothing will prevent God from coming back to usher in His new Kingdom here on earth.

That is the GOOD NEWS!  NOTHING is going to stop Christ from returning.  All those who hate and destroy, all who lie and deceive and kill.   All who say they follow God but do not will all be judged.  The ones who say they are christians as well as the ones who say they do not believe in Him.
Christ does want us to stand firm in loving others as He did.  He does want us to not waver in being excellent examples of living His way of life.  Trusting Him, Obeying Him in all circumstances.  We are to fit in with His way of Love NOT fit in with the worlds way of hate!

We  blame the leaders  for yes they have and are not leading our nation rightly .  But God expects us to pray for them not bad mouth them.  Bad mouth the sin not the sinner.  For ONE day these same people will be called by God and IF they choose to follow Him how will you feel when that sister or brother in Christ knows how you have spoken of them?  Or how do you know that GOD who knows all your thoughts and deeds of mouth and action,will judge you when you condemn and speak evil of those  HE allowed in power over you?  And if they are Condemned, should we rejoice in their downfall?  NO!  another lost child is not reason to rejoice!!

New International Version (©1984)
Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you. Hebrews 3:17


I agree with this article

God's View of Authority

The truth is, God has placed an entire network of people in this world into positions of authority. I'm not just referring to our government leaders, but also to the leaders in our workplaces and in our families. Perhaps it's time to take a look at just how God views authority and our lack of respect thereof.

The Ultimate Definition of Respect

Submitting to and Respecting Authority

I think this month we should all give gifts to those who cannot give anything back.  Let your children buy gifts to give to the poor and let them serve in some way to help others with less.  Instead of meeting and eating too much go serve in a shelter or pick a number of names of those in need and buy for them instead of buying for your own needs. Here in our town there is a giving tree.  Lots of names of children and elderly who need a gift.  Everyone can pick a name purchase a gift for that person, wrap it and take it back to the tree for them.  I want to do that and I do not want a tree in my house.  I do not expect any gifts except the gifts that God gives me.  I am thankful for the love of my children and friends.  I will set out to love those who are unlovable.  God will help me and will help you change if you really want too. 

 Instead of a tree use the money for food for the poor. Just a thought.   

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