A true Christmas Story.........

The following is a true Story:
For the past two months a Man had been out of work, he has been setting up a table at the mall to sell his wife's hand made items. Since he normally had little work or no work in December this was normal for him and his wife.
However in the past it was just December he was out of work.

 Three to four days a week he would pack up everything, the tables and Displays, the merchandise and signs, his instruments.  The manager of the mall made arrangements for him to play christmas songs for the people at different intervals throughout the day.  He would set up at around 9am and would on most days stay to 8pm sometimes 6 or 7pm.  He would pack a little lunch and do the best he could for the whole long day.

He always worked hard to put the display up nice.  He would just play along with the Mall Music when not on stage.  

However, day after day other vendors would complain to the manager about various things.  They would move him from one spot to another because of complaints and gripes.  One lady said he borrowed her tape and did not bring it back, but most got sick of the same ole songs being played, or that he played too loud, etc etc.  Maybe he talked too much or imposed on them to help him do this or that all the time. No matter they were grumpy and angry for whatever reasons in their life.  Making life hard on everyone.

Some days he would sit down there doing the best he could  and only bring home $15.00.  On a really good day maybe a $100.00
Still he never gave up... but did complain a lot and get depressed.  It was very hard on both of him and his wife,  But They continued. She continued to make things and repair what he broke, and he kept playing like the mall wanted him to do and trying to sell things.  Marking down the cost of many things.

Day before  the last day he would be selling down there, God woke his wife up at 3am.  So she sat up in bed and waited to hear what God would say.
It was quiet and cold, raining outside as she waited.....

then quietly God's spirit just put in her mind that she needed to make a bunch of gift certificates.  each one was to offer a free item from her handmade items.  No limit of cost completely free for that one day only.  So she went to the computer and made the little free certificates.  She made 18.  Putting them in a envelope and gave them to her husband with these instructions:

1.  Hand them all out to the people who complained and were angry at you this month.
2.  Wear your Santa hat and be cheerful. 
3. As the certificates are turned in put the item they picked and how much it was marked $  on the back and return to me.

He said he had fun handing them out and most people were very excited to come pick out a Free item.  The first lady picked out his fav sterling silver pendant worth $50.00.  He was sad to see it go but did it.   All but 8 people came and picked out something.  
The day wore on and he made only $15.00.  But at the last minute before he left for good, a young man came by and bought a lot!  Total for the day then was 135.00 dollars!  

We gave away 258.00 dollars worth of items for free to those who gave him the worst time.
He did it with cheerfulness.  He and his wife felt greatly blessed.

No matter why the people were grumpy and angry we must always do good to others.  Christ never railed back or acted mean to those around him trying to kill him.  If we can do good to all those around us, especially those who are mean to us, maybe it will help heal their hearts.  Most importantly it will heal our own hearts and fill us with Joy that is more fulfilling than any gifts we buy.  

The end of the story above was that the man and wife were able to buy enough food for another week and instead of buying gifts for themselves they gave to others in need.  It is not always the poor (physically) who need but the Poor in spirit that need love.

The free gift from God should not be missed!  Do not be like the grumpies who in their resentment and anger would not accept the free gift !  But accept the gift of Life by accepting Jesus Christ as the only true way to Joy and Great Happiness!  

Pass on the Love of  Christ in what you say and do this year.  

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