Why did Christ really come to earth?

To be spiritually blind is to not understand the things and ways of God.  Only through the Holy Spirit can this be taught.  Only God can open the mind of humans to understand.  It cannot and will not be understood by those who deny God exists or that God is God over all!

He also is saying that many who profess to know God and go to church, and put on the act of believing are guilty!!  They are wolves in sheep clothing.

Christ came to tell the GOOD NEWS of a NEW way to live.  A purpose filled life according to the Love of God that surpasses all other knowledge.

  Christ goes on to say in verse 40:

"The Pharisees asked, "are you saying we are blind?  "If you were blind, you wouldn't be guilty, "Jesus replied, "But your guilt remains because you claim to know what you are doing.

Today begin to change your mind and purpose.  Walk with God and follow His ways for they are good!  His ways are fruitful, filled with joy and contentment.  A path through any and all that life may throw at you.  You can only know this way by surrendering your life to Jesus Christ.  By daily study of the word of God , His Holy Bible!

The choice is yours. 

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