Weather Breaking all Records Continues....

It seems the weather continues to break records this year.  As I write this, one is bearing down on New York and area that has predictions of such high surges never before seen and at the same time will dump snow up to 6 inches or more in high elevations.  

In our own lives, the storms are raging too.  Financial, relationships, health, you name it the storms in our lives are breaking all records too.  Here in my own community, prescription drugs are taking a huge tole on peoples lives.  The recent paper here even said that experts are now admitting that the huge push by the medical system the last generation is the main cause of young people using these.  I know of one person that is stealing from their family to get these over the counter drugs.  This person is so addicted that they are in and out of emergency care and will be dead if some one or something is not done to stop the addiction.  It not only is killing the people hooked on them but think of the effect on family members. Many are elderly with limited dosage allowed them for pain, and then that is taken away from the addict to fill their hungry need for it.

Then there is a rise in drunkenness, theft and family abuse.  child abuse etc.  Just look up the stats on the web and see how much has risen in the last 25 years!  Why?  If as a nation we are so smart and so "open minded" and knowledgeable  why are things getting worse?  

Why are people more depressed and unsatisfied with themselves and their lives now?  Look at the huge amount of people getting every kind of plastic surgery done to themselves?  I watched one young man who has gone under the  knife to change his nose, his arms, his cheeks, now he is getting "fake" muscles implants, and when asked if he was done, said he will never be "perfect" so no, he will continue.  Does he not know who much this will hurt him as he gets older not to mention the pain he goes through now!  Why is he so dissatisfied with his life?  If he has so much money to waste why does he not help others with it instead?

What is happening? Do you see it?  Most do NOT!  They blindly just accept all this as Normal when in fact it is NOT normal at all!  Not the weather, or the economy, or how people feel about themselves.

The sad fact is we are reaping (as a nation) the seeds we have sown over the last who knows how long.  We as a nation have put GOD out of our lives.  We have decided for ourselves what is right and wrong without looking to God to know what IS right for living a happy and full life.  One with hope and vision of joy in each day.  God foretold of this time long ago.  One only has to study God's Word the Holy Bible to understand what is happening and why.

And I have one message to all who are NOT happy how they look, or who they are:
GOD ALMIGHTY does not makes mistakes.  He made each one of us.  We were planned before we even became a seed in our mothers belly.  You are designed with purpose so huge and exciting that if you ever really understood it you would be screaming in praise and Joy!  Every nose, every wrinkle  every ear is unique and special to God who made you.  You are NOT a mistake.  Wither you are a male or  a female only SATAN wants you to think you are Imperfect and Not adequate .  Satan will even make you think you are born in the wrong body!  He is the master of deceit!  One who is deceived does NOT KNOW he is deceived.

Choose today to stop thinking you have to fix your looks.  That pretty freckle face, that cute upturned nose or the those big ears.  You are special.  I will note that there are some who have to have changes to just look normal.  Some are born with cleft lips, some are in accidents and need surgery to repair.  This is different.  This is where these things can help a person.  But to all those others, who has nothing wrong with their looks but a deep physiological problem about their looks, those people need to stop listening to the thoughts and say " NO I am healthy and Unique, I am created Unique by the hand of GOD and I will not listen to these lies about who I am in Christ!"

Instead you NEED to pray constantly for God to help you THINK right and get ourself SPIRITUALLY  right before God.  That is the only thing we need to really be working on. Not our appearance!  Our moral and spiritual oneness with God.  Then the truth will set you free!
My daughter many years ago as a teen playing in a band.  Every teenage there was unique and so special.  They do not look the same or act the same.  That is the whole point.  Snowflakes of possibilities to be special. 

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