What does 1938 and 2012 have in common?

Read this article and decide for yourselves!

1938  "America truly the greatest country in the world" by Kitty Werthmann  (85 yrs old)
 excerpt :
"What I am about to tell you is something you've probably never heard or will ever read in history books.
I believe that I am an eyewitness to history. I cannot tell you that Hitler took Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history. We elected him by a landslide - 98% of the vote. I've never read that in any American publications. Everyone thinks that Hitler just rolled in with his tanks and took Austria by force.
In 1938, Austria was in deep Depression. Nearly one-third of our workforce was unemployed. We had 25% inflation and 25% bank loan interest rates."
Or watch this video:

The things that happened to Austria IS slowly happening in USA today!  I am not going to spoon feed the information to you, you need to study and find out truth yourself!  God is taking away the blessings and it is going to change your life!!  If you live long enough you may just see us loose this country and not be able to live here any more!  What can YOU DO?  To save yourself and your family?  Turn back to God with a whole heart!  We must change our ways, and we must change now.   We do have FREE SPEECH so you can speak what you want and believe what you want.  But to be purposely BLIND is going to cost you dearly.

The GOOD NEWS is that it is never to late for every individual to turn back to God.  That we can have God intervene to keep us safe no matter what happens to the world.  The choice is yours.  I am doing what God commands me to do and that is warn every person who reads this.  No matter where you are in your walk of life.    

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