Mass shooting ,Disasters & Signs What do they Mean?

As our hearts sink and our stomachs feel sick over yet another mass shooting, what do we think?  How can this be fixed?  WHY?  (Today in Colorado )A hundred questions and few answers.  MOST people will feel just awful about it but quickly just go about normal life.  They do not know how to solve the problems of the world right now so they live in denial.  They certainly do not want to think GOD has anything to do with all of this.

That God may be taking his blessings and protection away from the USA.  As a Nation I am telling you He IS!!  The attack on 911 was the turning point.  The time has begun to pay what we reaped, for our refusing to worship and acknowledge God in our lives.  We took him out of our schools, out of every area of life.  We wanted Him out so He is leaving us to make do on our own.  Without God we are in big trouble as a nation.  After 911 we had the financial fall, weather breaking records all across the nation.......
(Note: God does not bring the calamity, He is just not protecting us like before.  Own own sins, and Satan bring the circumstances, while we just react in defiance and self sufficiency )

Here is a recent quote from Seattle News:
While it is worrisome that Faber’s odds of a global recession are “100 percent,” it is hardly as alarming as the scenario laid out by another economist.
Without appearing on CNBC or being known by a scary nickname, Robert Wiedemer did what Marc Faber couldn’t: He accurately predicted the economic collapse that almost sunk the United States.
In 2006, Wiedemer and a team of economists foresaw the coming collapse of the U.S. housing market, equity markets, private debt, and consumer spending, and published their findings in the book America’s Bubble Economy.
But Wiedemer’s outlook for the U.S. economy today makes “Doctor Doom” sound like Mr. Rogers.
Where Faber sees a global recession, Wiedemer sees much more widespread economic destruction.
In a recent interview for his newest book Aftershock, Wiedemer says, “The data is clear, 50 percent unemployment, a 90 percent stock market drop, and 100 percent annual inflation . . . starting in 2012.”
From this article on Seattle News ⬅click here

Read more: Faber: '100% Chance' of Global Recession

What does God want?  God wants every single person to WAKE UP.  Quit thinking we are so self sufficient and can live life anyway we choose.  God is our Maker, or life our everything.  We need to return to worshipping Him and following His ways of Love, of giving.  His ways of what is right and refusing to live the way of Get for SELF.

Personally I believe it is too late for the nation.  Prophecy shows it is going to fail.  But it is NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU!  You can change, and turn back to God.  Put away anything that keeps you from having a close relationship with God.

"10 Then Pilate said to Him, “Are You not speaking to me? Do You not know that I have the power to crucify You, and the power to release You?”11 Jesus answered, “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above. "

this verse is perfect for those who DO believe and who DO worship God and seek him daily to do His will.  IF you are faithful, diligent to God, He will be with you through all the terrors to come.  That nothing can happen to God's people with out His Permission!

WARNING!  Americans will lose their country.  It will be taken away.  When?  I do not know.  But The bible warns us it will happen.  It has happened to God's people before when they left Their God and went after other "gods" and it is now going to happen again.  

Isaiah 6:9
Tell my people this:  "though you hear my words repeatedly you won't understand them. Though you watch and watch as I perform my miracles, still you won't know what they mean"
verse 11    Then I said, (isaiah) "Lord how long will it be before they are ready to listen?"  and He replied,"Not until their cities are destroyed- without a person left - the the whole country is a utter waste land and they are all taken away as slaves to other countries......

You can not save up enough money, or flee anywhere.  Only GOD can save you and your family. Isaiah 7:9  "If you want me to protect you, you MUST learn to BELIEVE what I say".

 Only those who turn to Him NOW and CHange their ways.

I just read a prophecy in a book titled, "The Harbinger" by Johnathan Cahn. 
He wrote the book like a fictional life of a writer but the facts and prophecy is right on.
Some of the highlights are that on the day the towers were attacked (911) is a repeat of Isaiah 9:10

 the bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hewn stone;

the sycamores have been cut down, but we will plant coders in their place"
Isaiah 9:10

The verse is Israel's response to their invasion, the first calamity and was one of pride, defiance to God trying to get their attention to return to Him.  Thus sealing the correction of God unless they repented and turned back to God.
It was interesting what Mr Cahn found (and all facts are documented in the back of his book) 

In a nut shell, He is saying that when our first president was put into office or sworn in, a ceremony was performed in a little stone church that Washington and members walked down to.  This little church is in New York to this day. Basically where our country started WITH God's blessing, it is where " the beginning of the end" of the those blessings start!

 That the very grounds of that church borders the ground zero where the towers fell.  That from that day on 911 the tree on the grounds where the church lie, (where our nation really started with its first president) was toppled.  But that our own leaders used this verse in many speeches not knowing that they were fulfilling prophecy just as ancient Israel did.  That a NEW tree was again planted just as the Isaiah 9:10 states.  A huge amount of signs and facts all line up when you read this book you will understand.  Put it all together, and Prove it to yourself!! Don't believe me go look it up.  God is talking to us, we better listen!!  

Here are some tidbits of info from this book, but you need to read it to understand fully:
@hebrew word for stone is gazit. Gazit is stone that has been cut, quarried from mountain rock. And thus a massive stone of quarried rock from
 the mountains laid at ground zero.  They call it the Freedom stone.

@the sycamore tree:  Hebrew "shakam" or sycamore, also known as fig mulberry tree.  The Greek word for fig is "sukos" and for mulberry is "Moros"
Or sukamoros.... Sycamore.
The cut down sycamore trees is a sign of uprooting... The uprooting of a kingdom.  The falling debris from the towers hit and uprooted a tree on a plot of ground next to ground zero.  It became a symbol of 9/11 it was a sycamore tree!  A English version but still a sycamore. A symbol as in ancient Israel's time.

@second tree.  "but we will plant cedars in their place.
So in prophecy the one kind of tree (sycamore) is replaced with a new kind of tree, a cedar or pine tree.  As happened then, in 2003 November at ground zero replaces the destroyed tree with a  pine tree.
The words spoken at the planting of the new tree was, " this ground zero tree of hope will be a sign of indomitable hope"...  Indomitable means unconquerable 
Thus this tree of hope is planted exactly in the very spot where a 60 yr old sycamore stood the morning of 9/11,2001   Read also Zechariah 11 first half.

 Sept 11, 2004 john Edwards then running for Vic president, says the exact words again of Isaiah 9:10.  Again they think they are Using encouraging words but are using a verse from God that was said in defiance! 
"Good morning. Today, on this day of remembrance and mourning, we have the Lord's word to get us through. "The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones: the sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place"

Also: Senate majority leader Daschle Expresses Isaiah 9:10.  Also online of that speech.  Etc...... I have only touched a tiny bit of the prophecy this book covers,  It is a must read.  

The sun is setting, will you turn to God or go about your own way?  Only YOU can change and learn the truth.  No one can teach you unless you want to learn.  Getting Angry at others will not help.  Go read the bible, pray and seek God.  Even if you claim to be a christian, we all need to examine ourselves in this time.  Our time is short, our nations time is short.  Expect fuel, food, to go much higher and jobs to be less and pay to be less for most of us.  One of these days we will be without a country and we must now be learning how to walk in faith. Faith in God to provide our food, our health and safety.  Things are changing fast.  Wake up and let God provide and protect you!

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