Just who are all those "ITES" of the Bible?

I was reading through 1Corn.11:24 today and as one does in the old testament came across a herd of Ites.  Here are some listed:
Harorites, Pelonites, Hushathites (were they quiet?), Ahohites, Netophathites, Pirathonites (ferocious eaters?), Arbathites, Baharumites, Shaalbonites, Gizonties, Hararites, Mekerathites, carmelites (did they have a sweet tooth?), Ammonites, Berothites, Ithrites, Hittites, Reubnites, Mithnites, Ashterathites, Aroerites, Tizites, Mahavites, Moabites.  

These are just the ones listed by David as MIGHTY men.

I found this link pretty interesting on these people:

But I guess the main thing is that this ITES was the hebrew meaning "people of"
see this post  http://www.thrufire.com/blog/2010/06/what-explains-the-ites-in-the-bible/

It is important to look up the original meanings in Hebrew and Greek to better understand the bible. Never take anything as point blank to our understanding today.  Always check up your thoughts on any given passage in the bible to understand the context and original meaning.  Pray about your understanding and keep on studying a little every day!

I guess I am from the Farrarites!  ;-)  

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