A Dog, A blind Man and Love Languages of Kids! Book Reviews

 The first book is called "Thunder Dog"  by Michael Hingson.  The true story of a blind man with his guide dog during 911.  They were both very high up in one of the twin towers.

I do not give many book reviews but when I read something that speaks of faith and is a excellent book on character, overcoming and well done, I want to share with my readers.  You can link directly to Amazon by clicking the name of the book above.

911 changed our country and how many people deal with life.  Although this was one mans experience, I think we can all learn from his life time of overcoming.  Having been born blind but given a chance by parents who refused to limit his chances to try any thing.  From riding a bike to learning difficult math.   A brilliant man and a extraordinary dog.

Also I just finished this book called the 5 love languages of children.  By Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  Both authors I highly recommend.  A new look at understanding our children and how each one has a different way to know we love them.  Every parent needs to read this book!  You can apply these tips on any relationship but especially kids.

At a time when family, a Godly family is being torn asunder and ripped apart, we need to stand firm on the foundational ways of Jesus Christ.  That way is always based on real love.  Faith and steadfast learning every day.  

I hope you pick up these books soon or get them on your IPAD or other reader.  You will be glad you did!

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