Song "Sleep Walk" and Creativity in People

I have included the above video of Les Paul doing Sleepwalk today.  Here he was 90 years old!
Sometimes I wonder why God loves us anyhow.  There is so much Hate, Anger, and reprobate minds all around us.  In every nation, in every human being upon the earth there is selfishness and despair, sorrow, futile grasping for more money, or power.  Families hating each other, going out of their way to destroy those around them. Politicians with no connection to the real needs of the people.  Greedy for power and prestige.  Putting on airs that fool no one really.  Out of touch.  Parents who negate the emotional needs of the children.  Children then bullying those around them.

I see people attack others when they fall down.  Like dogs attacking prey. Assumptions made, not caring or even wanting to know all the true facts of what that person might be like. For instance. I watched this show on Animal Hoarding.  These people are broken.  They do not know that hoarding the animals is unhealthy for the very pets they love as well as themselves.  Instead of helping them , they condemn  them.  People send them hate mail, and shun them.  When we should be helping others we cut them down even more. Instead of being a inspiration and guide of how to behave and what is truth we stumble in the darkness .

But then, God will show me the ones NOT in the news, the poor,the gentle people with kindness, and love toward others.  I see the talent of so many, like Les Paul above.  Extraordinary talent. God Giving talent.  Art, music, poetry, writers, detail people and visionary can do people.  Then I start to glimpse what God see's in humanity.  The POTENTIAL of humans!  The incredible amazing POTENTIAL. With right character these people can be the  light and joy of the world.  They can bring happiness and beauty  instead of darkness and dread.

There are are two ways of living.
The way of GIVE
or the way of GET.  Period.  We CHOOSE to live one way or the other.  We CHOOSE to set our minds on doing good, inspiring others for good, helping others to truth or we set our minds our own own needs, wants to the extent of walking, or using others to get what we desire.

Whatever we choose to do in life should be toward whatever is beautiful, Kind, True, noble, just, pure, whatever is praiseworthy, of good character and honorable.  Do and Think on these every day!  Philippians 4:8

If you are not heading in the right direction, it is never too late!  Change today. Take one small step to live a life of give not get.   Find and hang out with people who are positive and uplifting.  Set your mind to change today for none of us know the hour.  Tomorrow may be too late.

God is the only way.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord the way to your happiness and all those around you is the only path.  

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