Positive child Rearing is Much NEEDED!

I am posting a article from the world news on my page today. (april 21, 2012)  If you cannot see it you might be able to find it online at the World NewsPaper in Coos bay oregon.  Such a great article on raising your kids.  This was my approach years ago.  I had read James Dobson's books and my son was about 2 yrs old and kinda out of control at that point.  But after learning HOW to approach child rearing and following these same principles Rick became a  joy to be around.  And his sister too after she came into the world.  Today my children ( now adults) are kind, helpful and a asset to society by applying this simple rule.

Second was making sure every day I taught them about God and taking them to church where they learned love to others and give instead of Get.  Respect to them and respect to others.  I applaud Arla Ford for her wise instructions in this article!!

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