Is this the only day of being saved?

 What if someone died and never knew God, is he / she lost?
First things first:

Romans 5:10
We are reconciled to God the Father by the death of Jesus Christ
We are SAVED by his life.

We are not saved by His death.   We are Saved by His resurrection to life!   But the question remains, is this the only day of Salvation?  Can one be saved unless they repent of their sins and way of living?  Can we just be "good" people and be saved?  What part does the average person have in salvation?

Can we just pray for this nation and because of our prayers will it be saved from coming judgment?

Heb 9:27 "It is appointed to humans once to die and after death is to come the resurrection to judgment.

So, we all live, die, and then what?  After Death comes a Resurrection to?  Judgment.

 Now this can be a scary thing if one has lived a life in deliberate sin but it is a exciting time to those who WAIT for this time.  After having seen our wrong ways of living and coming to God in great sorrow and changing to live and follow the ways of God!  For when we accept the death of Christ we are forgiven!  We are now facing life eternal within the God family at Jesus Christ's return to usher in The KINGDOM of HIS RULE.

Right now this is a world ruled by Satan.  His way of Get, oppression, hatred etc.  Jesus Christ is coming to earth a Second time!  With the Angels to rule and lead the people on earth to a life of hope, joy, prosperity.

So who is a real follower of Christ?  Jesus said it, Not those who cry his name but those who DO the will of God!  Rom 8:9, 11,14   and NONE can receive the HOLY SPIRIT until that person  repents (that means to come to the realization that we haven't just done wrong , we ARE wrong.

 Realizing that even our best deeds are usually for self serving reasons. (1) To repent is the heartbroken desire to give ourselves over to God and the willingness to allow God to refashion us as He see's fit.  Real repentance is toward God and no one else.  To give up the fear of other mens opinions, mans customs, and traditions for God's truth, God's ways.

(2) Belief!  Two words gave me during a long wilderness training.  For THREE years God taught me the importance of Belief and Unbelief!    You Must believe in order to be a true follower of Christ.  It is a action word.  If you believe you will trust God in ALL things.  You will study and pray daily.  Growing and exercising faith in God.  BELIEVING the word of GOD, the HOLY Bible!

These called out ones, (for none come to Christ unless the Father Draw him) John 6:44 Also known in the bible as the first fruits!  Everything in the old testament is witness to the new testament and future plan of God, if people would just study themselves and pray for God to teach them!  It seems everyone wants some person to just teach them.  They just want to sit in a pew and let some person spoon feed them the truth.  NO WONDER so many are confused and lead astray.  No one seeks the truth themselves through the word of God . Truly works at seeking God's truth.  Letting GOD teach them and lead them to right teaching.  YES, we need to be taught but LOOK UP THE words you are told and make sure they are the truth!  YOU are responsible not your church, or pastor or your friends.  YOU will be held acceptable to search and see if these things be true.

But, let me get back on track.  Since not all people are called now in this age, (time since adam)  the answer to the title is NO.  This is NOT the only day of salvation.  God has a master plan.   When Christ comes as KING of the world, He will reign for 1,000 years.  ALL those people living at that time will be called.  After that thousand years shall occur a Great White Throne Judgement.  (Rev. 20:11:12)  All who ever lived from Adam on, who were UNCALLED by God shall be resurrected mortal again to live knowing God and living by the ways of God so they too can be "called out" .    They shall give account for the sins of their former life.  They shall learn that Jesus Christ PAID their debt.  IF they repent and change to life as followers of Christ they shall be given the Holy Spirit  and become begotten children of God too.

But there is a time order to these events.  Every thing is right there in YOUR bible.  (I Corn. 15:22-23) For as in Adam ALL die, even so  in Christ shall ALL be made alive!   But every man in his own order: Christ, the first fruits, afterward they that are in Christ's at His coming.  (read the rest in your bible)

There are two other resurrections mentioned but not in Corn.  but in Rev. 20:11-13.
So during the 1000 years, Satan shall not be ruling!  These people will not have him to overcome during this time.  but after the 1000 years he must be set loose for a time.

To answer my last question.  Can all our prayers save this nation?  By all, I mean those who are faithful and believing followers of Christ?

Back to the old testament.  Remember the story of the Israelites?  How God told them while in Egypt to keep a passover.  To mark above their doors with BLOOD, why? For the death angel was going to pass over and all the first born NOT in a dwelling place with blood would die.

Foretelling the death of Christ but also that judgement will come.  I was just reading again Ezekiel 14.  Here God is tell the prophet Ezekiel that even if Noah, Daniel and Job were there, during the last days that they would escape the terrors to come but not the rest of the people.  Read that whole chapter, this is NOT about a time long ago but a time coming SOON!  WHY?

 Because God gave his people this Land, the USA and Britain and what have we done?  Have we kept God in our lives, in our schools, in our government?  NO.  We as a nation have forsaken our God and it was told a long time ago we would not change.  So, the time of WAR, Famine, and Plagues are coming and no amount of praying now will save it.

We CAN change ourselves.  We can return to God and repent and be saved by the grace of God from the days of temptation and terrors.  Like the Israelites on passover IF we are following God and close to Him.  Accepting the blood of Jesus NOW.  Not following the ways of the world.  But His ways.  Time is short, every day we come closer to the return of Christ but even if it is 100 yrs more that is nothing.  For how do we know how long our days are?  For each one does not know the time or hour left here.  A car accident, a heart attack.   We must redeem the time now.

Pray for the protection of your MINDS.  What you think, how you act and what you say.  That we are not warped into the new age of anything goes.   It is NOT ok to accept all these new ideas of living.  We are so far from Godly now we cannot see what sin is anymore.  Pray for us all to stay the course and that God's children who do believe will not let down their guard and become lax, asleep.

True Love for God is doing His will and living a life of Love . First to Him and Second to all others.

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