Do you Poop On other peoples boundaries?

Every day we can learn to exercise Godly principles.  I got a chance to do that last night and this morning.
When I first moved into my place, I used some money to put up chain link fencing all around. Esp between the one neighbor and me.  I like fences that show where my property is and their property is.  This is called "boundaries".  God expects us to know where our boundaries are and the proper use of boundaries.

There is a easement of course between the center of the road and where my property line is.  Cities get to rule on part of our property in case they want to use it for something.  It is just the law.  We deal with it. We need laws or we would have lawlessness!  You buy property but you really don't own all rights to its use except according to the law of the city.  Someday they might put in  sidewalks, or they may need to fix the roads from deterioration and expand the roads.

In this photo above is two dark green buildings.  These are apartments.  The house to the left where you see white is a residence like mine.  To the right  of this photo is my only neighbor right close to me.  But as I said a nice tall chain link fence divides us.  Otherwise I have roads between me and neighbors.  I love corner lots because of this.

For the last few years, the humans that live in the apartments regularly let their dogs off leash or LEAD them to my side of the road and let them poop.  And no they do not pick it up.  This never seems to bother them at all.  I mow the grass on the outside of the fence and pick up the trash, dog poop that my neighbors leave me.  I love dogs, I have two right now.  I do not mind other dogs pooping out along my fence but wish people would pick up their own dogs poop!

Last night one neighbors (over 50yr old at least) came out as I was looking into my back yard at about 8:30pm.  He picks up something in the road and it looked like he tossed it into my back yard (my yard in the picture above)

I opened the window and said, "what did you throw into my yard"?  He says, "nothin".  So I say, I saw you throw something, what was it?  He says," it was nothing, and not on your property".  I continue to find out WHAT he threw.  Find out he picked up a dead bird and threw it against the fence right next to the gate you see in the above photo.  I say, "why didn't you put it in the trash?  He says, "I don't have a trash"  (hmm, a apartment building without trash bins, I don't think so)  So I respond, a dead bird is gross, I will pick it up tomorrow.  He says, "like it will not brother you or nothing".  and walks away with his dog that is down pooping on the neighbors back yard (white house above on left)

Now to live like the world, one would get MAD, Angry and retaliate.  Maybe go get the poop and put it on their car (I saw someone do that at a dog show once when the owners did not pick up the poop in the parking lot)  Or go out and yell at them, start a big fight.  Then you have WAR.  Both sides trying to up one each time.  Like little children or primitive cave dwellers acting in canine fashion.

Fanning the flames until someone gets hurt and no one has peace in the neighborhood.

OR, you can follow the examples of Christ.  Do GOOD to those who hate and use you.  Do good and not evil.  Let God deal with His children's discipline in His own time and way.  NOT YOU.  It is good to confront in a loving way, in a way that says this was wrong without personalizing it as a attack back.  For MANY people have NO CLUE they are doing wrong, but of course many people DO know and prefer to do it anyway.
The bible talks about doing good so that they have no excuse to bad mouth you.  Thus heaping coals of this deed back on their own heads.  NOT repaying evil for evil.

So, this morning, I got up and walked out with my gloves and pooper scooper.  As I was picking up piles of poop, my neighbor next me comes out of his house, walks across his own lawn, and precedes to let his dogs go poop and pee on the neighbor across the streets back yard. (the white house on left above)
sigh.........shaking my head.  Humanity has a loooong way to go.  Thankfully it is God's job to teach them in His time and Way.  oh wait, AND by OUR examples of doing good and what is right.  Not so much or preaching right but by our examples of right living and NOT living just like them!

                                                                  JAVA MUTT
Photo is a original art by T.Bauer all rights reserved not to be copied or shared with out permission

If we learn How to act, how to react to others, and follow the way of God we will want to do GOOD toward others.  We will THINK before we act about how our actions affect those around us.

For instance how many of you:
1. HONK when someone does not immediately get going when the light turns green.
or when they make a little driving error ?  Are you perfect in your driving?
2. Take little things that do not belong to you.  Pencils/pens from work, towels from a hotel room, or find a valuable item in a parking lot and just keep it without trying to find the owner?
3. Call your family friends at any time of day or night without considering if they are in bed, at work?
4. You get a present from your friend or family and never write a thank you note.
5. Expect all those around you to loan you money even though they have before and you never pay it back.
6. Play loud music after 10pm or mow your lawn late evenings after most people are in bed or at 5am in the morning?
7. Throw trash out your car window.  Throw trash in your neighbors yard?
8. slack at work knowing your co workers will pick up the slack.

the list goes on and on for boundary breakers.  We all have some we can work on.  But we need to change and be a part of the solution not the problem!!

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