Do you know Why we celebrate Memorial Day?

"Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.  Memorial Day is not about division. It is about reconciliation; it is about coming together to honor those who gave their all."

In the 1960's during my last couple years of high school,  A fellow students brother went missing in action while serving our country in Vietnam.  He was not found until years later.  His helicopter had been shot down.  His name was Richard Bauer.  The loss of the son, destroyed the lives of his mother, his dad and eventually his only brother Robert.

Since none of the family believed in God or knew God, they lost hope.  The death was too much.  They all took to drink, in order to ease their pain.  Slowly, one by one they all died in direct relation to drinking to much.  A whole family gone by grief and no hope.

But, there was hope.  They did not know God has a plan for all mankind.  Death is not the end for those who believe.  God has plans for the dead to live again some day.  We can see our loved ones in the Kingdom of God!  But each in his order as I have covered in a previous post!
Not only that, I was left alive and I had a son from Bob.  His son lives on in faith and trust in God.  As does a daughter from Bob.  These children will carry on with hope .  And the son carries on the name of this family who's name would have died out if not for a wife who stood by her faith and believed.

Sadly, not all will choose to accept God and His ways of living.  But I believe most will.

Today, I worship God and thank Him for His awesome plan for all those that died fighting for our small nation, The United States of America.  I weep that we are NOT a united nation any more under God.  That as a nation we have rebelled against having God in our schools, in our businesses and in our homes.  I sigh that we choose (as a nation) to leave God out of everything.  For with this decision as a nation, we shall reap what we have done.  All those men and women who died for this nation, what would they think if they saw us now.  Fighting among ourselves, greed and hate to neighbor.

I SHOUT with JOY that this will not be the end!  That GOD never fails at anything He sets out to do, and when you KNOW the truth of HIS Plan, you can lift up those weary heads, and heavy shoulders for Christ WILL come again and usher in a New Age of His Rule.  One of JOY and every tear will be wiped away!  There is hope, there is a purpose for us all.  Praise God!!

I also want to remember my dad today.  Roy A. Farrar.   Rest in Peace dad for one day I will see you again:

Above my dad as  young man in Talkeetna Alaska.  He built that house with his own hands. Right down to cutting the trees and cutting the lumber. It was  a homestead where the only way in was by train at the time.  We had a spring that water was carried by buckets up to the house.  No indoor plumbing!  A outhouse for a bathroom.  He and mom worked hard.

Final photo is my dad, (center) with my mother and my daughter in 2005 I believe.

I hope everyone will take a moment and thank GOD for your families, for Freedom to worship as we wish.  I fear those days are limited for USA and Britain.  Give a prayer for all the people who have served their country and do not forget "IN GOD WE TRUST"

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