Notes from two sermons, Waiting & God Needs Me:

Charles Stanley gave a great sermon on Waiting.  You can find these on podcasts or at his In Touch web site.  Here are just some notes I took:

Isaiah 64: 1-4
God acts in behalf to those who wait for Him.

Waiting upon the Lord
*  The will to wait for Gods best
*  Pause for further instructions
*  To let go of what we think is a immediate need
*  Requires we remove all deadlines
*these all take strength and courage.  Read Psalms 27:7, 37:34
Courage to resist the temptation to do it ourselves, the fear of of failure, the pressure of others opinion.

*You are waiting for GOD's best instead of your best.
*We wait because God is readying us for "it"
*He is teaching us to TRUST HIM

*Our willingness to wait for HIM reveals the value we place on the object of our desire.

We shall never be sorry when we truly wait upon God !

Then I watched TD JAKES  and His sermon, "God needs me".

To be frank, at first I was not in agreement with that statement!  But as he talked, God spoke to me that YES God has a need.  A need for companionship beyond that of just His angels and His son Jesus Christ. A need for children to grow and overcome to become like Him and with Him for eternity!  This is spiritual knowledge of truth to us!

Then I thought and wrote in my notes, "Adam was created alone at first.  God did not immediately create woman for man. WHY?  God could easily have made both at the same time.  He gave Adam everything he could want.  Perfect place to live, food, a job of naming all the animals.  But he was alone.

Then I thought, God does every single thing for a specific reason!  God wanted Adam to know this, he NEEDED companionship.  And as God always does there is duality in this , God is showing US that HE WANTS OUR COMPANIONSHIP.  It is a need.

For me personally, I have understood for years why man was made.  I understood that God wanted children for companionship but using the word NEED did not occur to me.  God had to formulate a massive perfect plan to have other members of His family , His spiritual family.  Not just created beings like Angels but Born again into spirit sons and daughters.  But only those who accepted and surrendered their WILL to match the GOOD and prefect love of God could be the ultimate sons of God.  A process had to be put in place.  This is only touching lightly the HUGE plan of God! It is mind boggling, Not many in the world today understand even 1/3 of what His Plan for the universe is!!  The Amazing potential of man is the greatest news every told.

Like I said, I understood the basic plan of sons and daughters to God but not the depth of the Need.  Even God cannot by instantly creating a being produce a true son or daughter for the spiritual realm.  It is a process, a life time process.  (life time in human terms)  Free will to choose HIS way over Self Way.

I will continue to expound on the Plan of God but for now this was just a day of my Notes from two sermons.  God bless and help us grow in knowledge and the will to Follow His truth.

Remember to watch T D Jakes or Charles Stanley the links are highlighted above in the post.  They also have many books out and can be heard on radio.  ;-)

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