Find Peace where you Are today...........

It is possible to have peace no matter where you are.  In the middle of chaos or at a serene coastal setting, God has given us the power to CHOOSE peace over anxiety and stress.

It is just something we must learn to do, this overcoming of doubt, what might happen, what has happened in the past or what is our current situation.

Through money worries, job concerns, health issues, relationship disputes, no matter what the Physical evidence it is NOT our spiritual Reality!
As you look at the following photos, block out all your cares and worries.  With each picture, think of God and all the promises of God to care for all your needs when you are a child of His.  Think of the wonders of His creations, and how NOTHING is without His power to change, to heal, to provide, to protect his beloved children:

tide pools, ocean, farm lands.  All photos by Brenda Salzano.

While you looked through them you could not be really looking at the beauty of them and still be anxious and worried if you are thinking of God and His creation here.  
1. Every time your mind puts in negative thoughts, counter those thoughts with positive uplifting TRUTH. Many of our doubts are not true, have not happened yet, or are physical things going on that are nothing for God to fix in His time and way.
2. Counter all attacks to your peace, with God's words of truth from the bible.  Things like, "I can do all things through God who helps me", or "I AM a CHILD of GOD and nothing will happen to me that God himself will not allow, and if it IS allowed than God who loves me so MUCH has a plan to help me and not to harm me".  Things like this.  Write down your fav. scripture and put copies on your computer, in your car on the dash.  Repeat them until you know them by heart.
3. Know that all things do not last.  Nothing remains the same, and this too shall pass in time.
4. Speak the name of Jesus Christ out loud at times and tell yourself YOU WILL stay the course and believe and trust in GOD not your circumstances.

Hope these tips help you this week and every day of your life.  God bless and make this a positive new year!

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