You are a Mystery Just waiting to be solved!

The bible is like a coded book.  Unless one really studies and prays for GOD to open our minds we cannot put it all together for full understanding. It is a mystery, YOU are a mystery but God has the answers to all things we need to know  but it takes the Holy Spirit aiding our minds to understand.

 Actually, to understand any ONE subject in the bible is seldom complete in one passage.  You must add portions, factors  and segments from various other parts of the old and new testament to complete the puzzle.  This is the only way to receive the full benefit of knowledge and wisdom.

I remember when I was just called and starting to learn.  I had this one passage I could not understand, I kept reading and could not tell what it meant.  I CRIED to understand the bible.  I was desperate to understand.  I prayed and got on my knees, when like a light bulb being turned on in dark room, the meaning of that one passage came clear!  God opened my understanding and from there I learned the tools to study.  Prayer of course, a strong's concordance, and many other physical texts. Most importantly a Intense DESIRE to learn!

This is why so many are in error when they use one tiny passage for a belief instead of getting the whole truth from the bible and understanding the plan of God before they base a belief.   I have found I must re-read and re-read the bible every day and every year, part by part and combine the whole to understand God's purpose, truth, and open the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.  You can not be spoon fed the truth!  Only GOD can open your mind, then add your DILIGENCE and hard work to gain any benefit, Spiritually.

While you study let no one MAN/person interpret the bible for you.  YOU need to study yourself.  The bible needs no interpretation because it interprets itself!  Not to say we do not benefit from listening to Godly pastors and Leaders.  We do.  But do NOT expect to understand fully all that God wants you to know unless you put in the effort,prayer and time.  We cannot grow on the coat tails of others.  All you will achieve by that is resentment toward the one you are hanging on for all truth when they do not live up to YOUR expectations.  Where if you find out with your own eyes the truth through your own studies and comparing the truths of word with sermons etc, will it STICK in your soul!

Here are the main questions you need to ask yourself.

1.  Who am I, what is my purpose?
2.  What am I?
3.  Why was I made?

Until you find and understand the truth, your life will never know true peace or fulfillment.

Evolution leaves mankind as a accident, without true worth or purpose.  What about the endless universe, why has so little been understood about it?  Why has no planet, as of yet , been found like earth with all the life we have here ?  Humans, animals, vegetation, oceans, etc?
Who and what is GOD?  Why would HE create a vast universe, for what purpose?  What plans does this Almighty GOD have for mankind?  Creation itself proves He is omnipotent and perfect , so He must have a huge plan and purpose for mankind!  After many many years of study, pray and following Jesus Christ and the teaching through His word, I know!  Do you?  IF not why not?  Now is the time to find your purpose and answer all these questions for yourself.  You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to find out!

If your life is constantly depressed, full of anxiety, unfulfilling work, and day to day drudgery you NEED to find out the truth of who you really are IN GOD!  YOU are created for a Supreme Purpose and satan wants you to be in the dark about it or else you shall rise up and change!  

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