What IS God's will for Me?

How do we know what God wants for us? For each of us?

Some simple step to be in God’s will:

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks: 
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
  1. To rejoice in ALL things.  Not just the good times but in the hard times.  In the trials and tests of life for this is living proof you BELIEVE and TRUST in God.  Every day you can find something to rejoice about.  You just have to look and ask God to show you if you do not.  But it will be there.  Rejoice and be Glad.  I find that getting out my hymn book and singing even when ever fiber in my being says I do not want to sing, is more helpful for me than any other thing.  Esp. if anger is welling up, you just can not stay angry and be singing joyful songs to God!
  1. Pray without ceasing.  Do you know how to pray with out ceasing?  This does not mean praying every minute of every day, but to be in prayer in your mind every waking minute.  Even in your dreams!  After all these years, I now have prayer when I need it even when I sleep.  I have found that if a situation in my dreams causes me fear or anxiousness I am calling on my Lord !  I have woke up with my voice calling GOD and I am rescued!  What a great thing to not have nightmares any more, and even if something dark does start, it ends quickly when my mind even at rest calls on Jesus.  Also, during the day, downtown, working at home, any where at any time I am talking to God like He is right there with me.  To me this is prayer without ceasing.  Constantly aware of His presence, knowing 100 percent He hears my every thought and comment.  
  1. In every thing give thanks.  As in #A above, giving God prayerful thanks every day all through the day.  For the food He gives us for today, to be able to walk or to see, for our family and friends. And yes, for our enemies who keep us close to God and are the sandpaper of our lives toward a better finish!  Find all the things you can every prayer in morning and every prayer at night and give God the thanks.  For nothing we have has not come from God himself.  Even the health to earn a living is from God, every basic need, every blessing is from God.  Go even further and Thank God for the trials and hardships He allows us to go through, for they are pruning us into diamonds of character to serve in the kingdom to come.  They prepare us to work with more honor, more character to be like Christ and thus be a better witness to those who have yet to believe. 

Do we say we know him and yet not do what He says?  Then the truth is not in us.  By this we know that we are in Him, when we act and walk as He did! 
(1 thess. 3)
Read the word of God and follow the ways of Jesus Christ.  You cannot know how to act unless you study.  
Do you hate your brother?  By this I mean ANY other human being!  IF you say you follow and believe in God and hate your fellow man/woman you are still in darkness and the light of Christ is NOT working in you.  You cannot walk with God and hate others.  We hate the sin in the world but NOT the lives of other people.  All people are God’s children, even tho many do not know Him yet. (1 Thess. 2:7-10)
Hatred, distrust, will promote anger, depression, anxiety and burdens untold in YOUR life.  Get rid of it by following the simple rules God gives upon on living in His will!  

Finally God wants me to tell you He loves you!  With Godly Agape Love not as the world loves but with the Love of GOD!

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