As the Storm raged outside, A storm was raging inside of me..

                                                             Coast Guard Drills off Bastendorff Beach, Oregon

Here on the Oregon coast, it is not uncommon to have some fierce winter storms.  High winds, lots of rain can do plenty of damage.  Power outages, flooding, wind blowing shingles of roofs, tearing up trees and all that go with wind damage.

We were hit last week with such a storm, with winds clocked at Charleston @ 108PMH .  At the same time this all started I had been home battling severe bronchitis .  But I also suddenly came down with something on top of that.  As I started getting chills so bad I could not put enough blankets on to keep warm, then fever raging.  Back and forth it would go.  I would put a heating pad on to warm up, but little helped.  For three full days, I could not eat food except for cut up watermelon.  My stomach hurt, fever and chills wiped out all energy.  Then one of the worst days, the power went off all day.  No stove to heat tea, or anything warm.  I did have heat from our propane stove which keeps my house warm.  I lost energy to do anything but walk to the bathroom and back.  Coughing so bad I had to sleep upright.  The only time I do not like being alone is when I am real sick.  My husband was away on work.  The online mayo clinic had a lists of symptoms that said I had pneumonia.

But this was more than a sickness.  More than a storm outside.  It was also the exact time of my baptism anniversary.  Thirty four years!  It is also a time of change for me and God is about to do some blessings in my life.  Satan attacked with full force, as much as God would allow him.  He came in constant bombardment into my mind to get me to doubt God.  Satan always will attack you when you are weakest.  When you exhausted, or hungary, or spiritual depleted from lack of study and prayer.

I am NOT against doctors and most of time all people should seek the help of your doctor when you get sick like this. 

 But this was a spiritual battle NOT a physical one for me.  I knew, This battle was to be won by God.  I knew, I was to have faith and day and night I keep my thoughts on God and His promises.  I KNEW how to battle satan in my mind and every passing moment to counter his negative thoughts by God's promises.  As the wind hit the house hard, and shingles were flying off everywhere, as limbs and debris covered the ground around my home I stayed in prayer.  Huddled on the couch and in my bed.  I trusted God.  I know God and I know to trust HIM.  

Finally on friday, the day my husband was to fly into town, the sickness started to lift.  The sun came out for just a moment and I heard God speak to me so plainly, "It is done!  You have done well, as his hand touched my forehead he also said, I have plans for you"
                                                      Oregon Coast

Slowly all fever left, the sun came out full for a couple hours which felt so good on my skin!  I was weak but I knew through the power of the Spirit of God that dwells within me, I was being healed.  I am still watching the miracles of God work out some important new things in my life as I prepare to receive the greatest blessings to come!

The reason I share this with you, is
 #1 NEVER give up when the trials get hard  KNOW that those trials are working a Great new thing in you.
#2 KNOW that God never forsakes His children.  That we are to trust and wait and know the battle belongs to God.
#3.  God never starts something that He does not finish and completely finishes it to perfection!
#4.  God is never late, WAIT no matter how long and You shall reap great blessings every single time.

Oregon Lighthouse

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