Will it change the USA if we Pray, and Fast?

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Quote from Recent Article Online:
"Here's the difficult truth Christians must face: The spiritual revival you desire isn't going to happen because tens of thousands of people gather for a public day of prayer and fasting. It's not going to happen by consolidating political power through the electoral process.
This spiritual restoration won't be found in returning to the "faith of the Founding Fathers" or in promoting an ecumenical movement. A God-centered revival is going to take a lot more personal examination than making a public stand against abortion or homosexuality.
What would a biblical, God-centered, Christian revival really look like in your life—a life-changing spiritual renewal, not based on a politically tailored media event, but a personal connection between you and your Creator?

A real, biblical, God-centered revival involves a radical change in your thinking and actions. It requires a radical change in your life. It is even going to take a radical change in how you define Christianity!"  Link to complete article here

The above quote is the bare TRUTH!  No amount of praying and fasting will change the direction of any country or government in and by itself!  Until we can change how we believe and behave in every day life, in all situations nothing is going to change the downward spiral in depravity. 
Until we realize it is up to every single human being in the world to come to a right belief in who and what God is, and then Believe, before we can ever see complete change in humanity. 
Until all those churches who proclaim they love and follow Jesus really start acting like they do, and put aside all the petty differences, will change come.  Judgment STARTS at the house of God.  Thats all the people who speak out that they follow Jesus!  Change begins with each one of us.  We have a long way to go.
But that is also the GOOD NEWS!  For every single person that DOES believe and they DO change by the power of the Holy Spirit through CHrist Jesus our LORD, we are changing a tiny bit in the world.  This produces tiny changes in our home life, our children's lives, our community and our world.  Will this change the whole world's governments, societies etc?  NO, not until all people change.  Not until the Return of the rightful God and King of all, will the perfect world of peace and joy and abundance be ushered in.  
I do not pray, "God bring Peace to our USA" but rather I pray for the salvation of all peoples, and nations.  One Nation under God who believe and follow the life of Jesus Christ and the Father.  The GOOD NEWS is, it WILL COME.  It is happening now, one by one, until soon, after Christ returns and the kingdom of God is set up.  

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