What I am Thankful For this Thanksgiving Week!

Little paper dolls I made as stickers for my granddaughter last year.

I am thank full for family, children all grown with good paying jobs.  A granddaughter who is so sweet and huggable.  She loves to say her prayers every night with her mom and dad.  A family that stands up for each other, who really love each other and do not hate or rail against each other.

 For extended family as well as birth right family.  For Friends and coworkers.  Here is a son, a granddaughter, a daughter in law, and me below with my own grown daughters.

 My sister and my mother.  I am so thankful they are still alive and I can call them any time or email.  To talk to family when one is down or to share the success and joys of life!
My niece and her husband, 
 For best friends and for my own fabulous husband...................
 And for distant friends who live far away and for friends I see every day.
I am thankful for all of these and more.  The people I meet and know no more, the ones that stay and the ones that go for we are all family in God's eyes!
I am thankful for my home, a car to drive.  I am thankful that God provides ALL my needs every day and every week, and every year.  I am thankful for Good health, and all my pets through the years.

I am thank full for my eyes to see all His creation and walk on beaches filled with sand.  To look at trees and mountains and seas.  To be able to sing, and praise His name, to kneel and pray and feel His love.

I am thankful He made me and will complete His work in me, and that I can trust my family and friends to His great purpose and care.  That tho all the world may end He never will and He never fails in any single thing He purposes to do.

I am thankful no matter what I WANT, God gives me what is BEST for me in spite of me.

  I can trust in that.  For in the end, I know when the full story is told, I will say, Blessed be God who is and was and will always be Perfect in All His ways.  For He has done what is Perfect for all of us.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE NEAR AND FAR!  For the GOOD news is that GOD is Coming again and His plan is Great and Incredible for every living soul that Trusts in Him!! 

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