Every Day Miracles

                                                   (fall on Oregon Coast, flowers blooming under fall leaves)

Recently was listening and watching a video  sermon by J.Meyer online.    She was recounting the story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt.  How over joyed they were to come out of bondage, but how quickly that joy turned to murmuring and complaints.  I have heard and read the story many times but she mentioned something that God just turned on a little light bulb to me this morning.  About how every day He provided these absolute Miracles!  But they did not SEE them as good, they saw them as to hard to bare.  They wanted the old ways.  WHY?  Because the old ways were comfortable, thats what they knew and were accustomed too!

They got up each morning and had the same old food, they knew it was there.  It was not great but they knew it would be just as before.  They trudged out and stomped in the mud to build bricks.  They knew when to start and when to go home.  They were whipped, and many died in the work but it was comfortable.  Their days were the same day after day.  They were so familiar with the hard work, little food that it was "safe" to them.
                                            (photo taken in Seattle this fall while riding the ferry)
Like so many abused woman or children, the home even though abusive is "normal" to them.  They stay because it is what they are used too.  They complain, and fuss but most do not have courage to leave the situation they are in.  They want to be saved from it, and yet they fight to go back to it once out.

Then here came God, who starting sending manna from heaven, but only 6 days out of the week did He feed them.  They had to follow some RULES like on the 6th day they had to gather twice as much. For the 7th day would not be any manna to find.
And the water came when they needed it not whenever they wanted it.  That was another contention to them. A huge miracle happens with water gushing from a rock but it was not in THEIR timing or WHEN they wanted it.  A miracle happens and they dismiss it.
Their clothes do not wear out, but they get tired of the old clothes they prob. wanted NEW clothes so they murmured. Everything was not on their schedule the way they wanted so they blamed God and moses.  Here were HUGE miracles every single day and yet they were complainers and gripers. Are we not doing the same thing today!

So what was so revealing to me?

It was the fact that every single day is a miracle.  Maybe there are those without work right now, and yet somehow, every single day they eat.  They drink fresh water.  They still have a home a place to sleep in warmth and safety. It might not be the big home they once had, or even home, maybe it is temporary housing.  But it is a spot to rest.
They wake up and can walk, and see and hear and feel.  Every single day some new miracle happens in my life.
 But do we have the eyes to SEE them?  They are there!
The spiritual meat I gained today was that we don't want miracles we want "comfortable" and to have some sort of steady paycheck of life. Miracles are unseen, unknown, like walking on water.  We just want to use a boat.  How pathetic! Here God is offering us the chance to get out of the boat and walk on water but we are afraid.  Afraid to put our complete trust in God alone to provide our every need.  We get that chance when we loose a job, and don't get one for months and months, or we lose our health, or many other ways.   Yet instead of giving thanks for the new opportunity to use Faith we complain and grumble.

It is not in the steady job where your faith is in that same old paycheck you get.  It is not in those days when you are not sick but healthy and well.  It is not in those days where you have a huge savings account and plenty in checking.  It is not in those days when you have nothing to exercise faith in!
The miracles are most easy to see when you do NOT have a steady income where every day is a blessing from God.  Where every day without money in reserve you eat a good meal, you have clothes to wear, water to drink.  Miracles are there when even though you have been very sick you find energy one day to do the simplest things.  It is when GOD and GOD alone is the only reason you can put your finger on why you have these things.  When you finally come to appreciate that He gives EVERY good thing. Not from us, not from uncle Bank but God alone.  The every day miracles.

There are miracles when you have a lot, but you will have a hard time seeing them when you are comfortable.  God will take us out of our comfort zone to save us, to show us the miracles He does so that we will understand it is NOT by our doing we are saved but by His Great and Loving Hand!  Many times we do not even know we NEED to be saved.  We are so comfortable in living a burdened life we shut our eyes to the fact we need to come up and out!  We complain and growl, but we should be praising God for showing us how to live a more joyful and full life.
(every day God feeds and cares for every single bird, will he not do so much more for His children?)

Today is the day to change your view on change.  Even change that you see as bad can be for good.  Maybe having no job can be seen as a day or week or month to walk in faith.  And with praise and not the bread of anxiousness!  Let us pray not for a new job or perfect health or for this or that but that we may walk in Full Faith and Obedience to the Path God has and will take us.  That we will SEE and understand the miracles in our life every day!

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