Are we the Enemy in our lives?

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This photo shows a wasp attacking a butterfly over and over. Look at the poor butterflies wings!

Are we the enemy in our lives?  Sometimes we are.
We have three evil S's.  SELF, SATAN, SOCIETY to overcome.

I used to sit in church and hear these great sermons that made me think, "if only my husband heard this".  At the time he did not go to church or even believe in God.  I was not thinking this as a point of view that my husband needed God, but that my husband needed to learn how to treat me better.

Like most people today, In the church as well as out of the church, we think ME me ME me ME me Me.
We are number one in our thoughts.  Look at many of our words.  SELF reliance, SELF control, SELF discipline.  (not that we should not improve but I say we need Spiritual control, Spiritual discipline)
 I really believe our greatest god is our selves.   This is our biggest hurtle to overcome.  To put anything in front of self should be our aim.  Food, giving, time, etc.

One of those days while I sat in church, God came to my thoughts and said, "Your husband is not here, I have YOU here".  This was a light bulb moment!  God did not have my husband sitting here, hearing all these teachings on serving, being pleasant to others no matter how they act.  Learning how to give to those who do not deserve to be given too, how to surrender self to God.  No, God had ME there to learn.

For those who are taught, (christians) it is our responsibility to show by our actions, and deeds what is the right way to act and speak in a world of darkness and lost souls.

If we are black in a black world how does this light a way to God?

But if you are a beacon pointing to the God of heaven, it will be  like a  White color spot on  a large black wall.  Your eye cannot help but go to the white spot!

We need to stand out like a white spot.  Not blend in with the black.  And in a good (white) way.  Our behavior has got to CHANGE!  We should not be the ones raising our fists and yelling at other drivers in road rage, or beeping our horns because some one turned too quick or took too long to get on or off the road in front of us.  We should NOT be the ones who  gossip and talk in negative ways about others.  We should NOT be the ones who give the least of what we have been given but we should be the ones who give the most!  That may be a small amount if you have little.  But it will be the best of what we can give!  

And do not give only if you KNOW where the money or gift is going.  Once something leaves your hands let God decide the rest.  For instance.  I heard someone many years ago say, "well I am not giving to that organization, I hear they the money is not spent right".    The point of giving is for your benefit, your spiritual benefit in the Lord.  This is YOUR growth God is concerned about.  God does not need your help in any place upon the earth that He could not rise up stones to take care if He decided to do so.

But YOU and I need to learn to give and give some more until the day we die. We do not give to GET. We do not give so as to be seen of men, (getting thanks and public praise) but we give to reap a reward in our character.  THAT is why we give.  Yes God does reward those who give and behave according His will, but we should not be doing it for the sake of getting!  We do it because we want to be like GOD.  To act in ways of Love like God does. Imitating our Father in Heaven , our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joyce Meyers said this in a online sermon, "The one who knows the most has to DO the RIGHT thing the First!"  Which is from the bible, the greatest responsibility is on those who know to do right and wether they do!   God holds you responsible for all the knowledge that has come to you.  He is not judging the ones who do not know Him yet.  But is judging us that do know!

We overcome by surrender to Him.  It is by HIS Power and grace we shall be free of self.  Trust Him and lay yourself  down to Him today.

And see Fruits of what you Reap for Good.

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