What steals your Joy every day?

                                                                                               Romans 8:28

For me it the everyday problems that MAY come up.  The bills that we don't yet have money to pay, the family problems, the needs we think we need or maybe we do need, and on it goes.  Every person has anxiety and fears in every day life.  To battle these and receive the joy and faith to TRUST in God we need to fight with TRUTH.

I have three speakers that I listen too, as well as studying my bible daily.  Praying and spending time with God.  Learning to Battle the battle of my mind.

Joyce Meyer Ministeries , Charles Stanley, and T.D.Jakes are my faith enrichment speakers.  Joyce is hard hitting and to the Point.  Love what God speaks through her.  Charles Stanley is foundational, always calm and faithful, a wealth of wisdom for any follower of Christ.  T.D.Jakes approaches the truth in a way to surely open up your mind for deeper understanding!

Here is a link to watch today.  Part one of "Moving beyond worry and Anxiety" with Joyce Meyer.

also a link here to her magazine which is downloadable as pdf.

for part two you will see the next video on the same page.  You are going to love what she shares with us.

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