Renew your walk in Christ and start today!

Now rather than later!  Every day is a new beginning in your walk in faith. The other day, I took a break and headed down to my fav coffee spot for a bran muffin and mocha coffee.  There I  was taking a look at where I need to improve this coming year, and how to do that.  Questions I asked myself were like:
1. What areas can I show the love of God more right where I am.  Like in my own town, in my own groups, in my own blogs, internet groups.
2. In what ways, without preaching at or coming across as "holier than tho" can I encourage and inspire others.
3.  How can I improve in my actions and thoughts at home ?  Our thoughts are just the beginning of actions later.  We need to bring to control, what we think about, even what we think about ourselves!  Those little thoughts that come in and we hear ourselves say, "you stupid woman".  I do that some times, I have to cast those away and put in, "thats ok, you can do better next time", or  "oops, forgive me God, I am NOT stupid, I am your daughter in Christ Jesus, and I will overcome this too"

How we talk or think about our kids, our mates, our family, friends all have impact on our mental health!  We MUST not allow satan and his demons to rule our thoughts in negativity!  
If we do we will start being bitter, & angry, with feelings of despair, depression and anxiety.

One little thing I do, is when God gives me a message of hope, I write it down and put it where I will read it over and over awhile. Like this photo above is a encouragement verse God gave me while praying and seeking His will at the beach the other day.  I leave it on my dashboard to read every day.  
It will lift you up and keep you focused.  
I also, in my battle for focus and determination to stay on track, have started listening to one hour of video sermons off the internet every morning.  Many times these speakers will make me laugh so hard as they hit the nose on what we need to over come.  I can just see the reaction of my neighbors who may hear this loud belly laugh at 6:30am!  

God bless and keep you in these hours of need.  Every day is one day closer to the return of Jesus Christ. One day closer for every man and woman on this earth.
Be ready now for whenever God may call you home.

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