Who is the pilot of your destination?

              (digital photo art by Patti Koosed from Treasure Barn blog)

Have you heard the song, "Jesus take the Wheel"

When we finally reach the moments when all hope is gone for ourselves to solve our problems, when we get to the point where we know our best efforts are not good enough, God is standing there with open arms.  Ready to help you, IF and only IF you are truly ready to surrender to His Life, His Love, His way of give and leave the life of self will.

Think about it.  How impossible that sounds to actually be driving along and out of the blue let go of the steering wheel and trust God.  Please do not do this physically!  I am talking spiritually, letting your will, your knowledge, your point of focus, to change from physical to spiritual thinking.  Seeing the unseen, Trusting in the one and only GOD of all the universe, God of all that is or ever will be to steer your life.

True Story, 
One evening many years ago, My truck had broke down, I was staying with a friend with my baby girl, and my small son.  We borrowed my friends car to drive her son to some function.  It was winter in Alaska.  As we drove the fog and drizzle made the road black ice. 

I lost control, was spinning in a circle and a auto was coming straight at us, my only words were, "GOD HELP".  We actually spun twice , two complete circles in the center of the road, and ended up going back the way we were headed in the right lane and completely unharmed. God saved us that night, and many times since.  Not only physically but spiritually as well.

It is never too late, it is never too soon, to turn to God, and give your life to Him.  Jesus came, died and rose for us.  It is time, the very fact you are reading this is because God is calling you to understand a new way of living.  Of life. Of future hope.

If you have never turned to God, all you have to do is drop to your knees, if you cannot get on your knees lie where you are, or bend your head in prayer and cry out "Lord I give myself, and all my life to you, please help me".  Do not expect some instant help when you do not really mean it.  For only those who truly seek, knock and are passionate about surrendering to Him will hear and turn their wheel of life to God.  It is not a one time action.  It will require, daily, sometimes many times a day, to surrender to God.  We will fall, many times, but as long as you never give up, neither shall your Lord.

I pray for you, I trust In God's love to help you overcome all things in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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