Good Morning! Today is Saturday, the 7th day of the week

A hand hold three tiny houses.  Just as the Lord God will hold you.  Do you need someone to love you and care for your every need?  Or are you self sufficient , self reliant, self disciplined?  Hows that working out for you?

You do not have to walk alone, you do not have to put your faith in your own abilities or lack of them.  For now, you may be just fine.  You have a great paying job, tons of good friends, a family and life is good.  But I am here to tell you, these can leave you in a heartbeat.  The friends will turn on you, the money dries up, the job gone.  What do you have that cannot be taken away?

I have had times of plenty of money, lots of possessions, good job etc.  The only time I have found pure peace and hope is after I surrendered my SELF to God.  I am still learning.   But after all my years walking with Jesus, I am a witness of His faithfulness and care.  It does not matter what my situations are , He is always faithful to provide and care for me.  My emotional and physical needs are cared for.  I gave up my striving for "self".  It is a ever ongoing struggle, but God's ways are winning for it is HIS fight now , not mine.  I used to be so good at SELF discipline, etc.  Now I call on Spiritual Discipline, Spiritual reliance.

Just as the hand holds those tiny houses above, So God hold me in His hands.  My house, my children, all that I have is in His hands.  His care, His providence.  Until you have experienced what I have you have no ground to doubt what He can or what He does for those who put their faith in Him instead of themselves. 

My son sent me some songs by Ellie Holcomb this week.  They are so inspiring and uplifting.  I hope you will check out her songs on Itunes.  I found this one on u-tube:

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