Breaking News, boy brought back to life from Drowning

NOTE: Photo above is not from the story, I used a photo of mine from our coast

True Miracle in Recent news of a boy dead for 20- 30 minutes is alive! :
Read complete story and pictures here.

The writer has a blog and more details, he says, "This is by far the most amazing story I have ever been a part of. I'm still awe struck as I write this, but I am so very happy to be able to tell it. 
Last Friday afternoon a large church youth group from Spanaway "  Click the comment to go to his blog and read more

Do miracles happen from God today? YES!

God still hears our prayers, they do work miracles.  Praying is being in contact with the One who created us.  God is Our Father and Jesus Christ Our Lord.  They protect, provide and care for us. According to His will, God knows everything that is going on in our lives.  We live and die according to His Plan for our lives and those around us.

I truly appreciated the frankness of the two photos in the article.  The one where the child clearly looks dead, then the one of the boys praying, a passionate plea to God to save this boy.

Do you know that God considers all who refuse His care, His ways, as dead?  We are dead in sin until we answer the Call of our Father in Heaven, accept the blood sacrifice of Jesus for our hateful and selfish behavior and go a new direction.  One that our God shows us is a "give" way of life, one of following the behavior, the thoughts and paths that God directs.

Uniting our human spirit that makes each of us who we are to God's Holy Spirit.  A bond so great our little minds cannot understand the depth of it yet.  A seed planted and in trust that God will then complete the process of one day remaking us into spiritual beings, who will rein with Christ.  A family of God!  

I praise God for the saving of this little boy.  For the people who prayed so heart fully  for this miracle, and that God answered with yes!

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