Do not fear these unknown things that come upon you....

As we on the west coast of the USA just get over the warnings of tsunami , hurricane force winds and power outages, we are hearing of more disasters from this 9 point earthquake upon the nation of Japan.
My heart is torn for all these peoples, tears for their families and for the yet to come darkness with the nuclear problems right now.  Fears of radiation fallout, lack of food and water for the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami.

and God spoke to me:

"Do not fear these unknown things, Do not be afraid of to enter the cloud of darkness descending on our lives, for God is in it"

Meaning, that we cannot save ourselves with building radiation safe storm cellars, or fleeing to the mountains, or building up lots of money to buy the most elaborate safe guards.  We cannot build a warning system to save us from huge earthquakes or devastating tsunami's.  We , all of humanity have one hope and one only.  God.  Jesus Christ is the only one to speak to the wind and it harkens to His call.  All things are in God's control.  The plan of God is marching on, and the future continues on to the coming of Jesus Christ back to earth one day.

We can be saved, by the love Of God.  Only God can save us from all things.  Wether we live or die it is better to be in God's hands than the worlds.  Fears are now wether the fall out of radiation will reach other countries, or will our Nuclear reactors fail as theirs did.  They thought they were fail proof too, but nothing man makes is fail proof.  Pray and stay close to the only one who can save us.

None of us knows the hour of our death.  Only God.  Each day is a day to stay close to God and know His love and help.  It is never too late to call upon His Mighty name.  His mercies are forever.  He knows the mind and heart of man, He is always listening to see if we will surrender our lives to Him.

For me and my house, wether we live or die, we will put our trust in God.  I lift up prayers for all the peoples around the world in great disasters right now.  The little children with lost parents, the parents with lost children, the poor and the downtrodden, the sick and the old.  The lost and forsaken, the lonely and hurting.  Nothing but the Love of God can bring our joy back even during great hardship and pain, we can find joy in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Do not panic, or turn your head away from  the needs of the hurting peoples everywhere.  Pray for everyone, and for Christ's return. For now, we can be safe in the hands of God who loves us far more than we can ever know in this physical condition.  Trust and Believe.  That is the bottom line.  Group together with those God has called for support and encouragement.  Be ready to do what we need to do to help each other in the days ahead.  Never quit, rest if you must but never quit!

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