Depressed? In Sorrow? Where can we Find Hope?

Photo work by Brenda Salzano @ all rights reserved.

It seems the days can sometimes be gloomy, filled with tragedies one after the other. Day filled with rain, and dark clouds.  A friend has just lost a family member in death, another has lost their home due to financial burdens, loss of life in Japan, and the list goes on......

BUT, we must never allow our minds to focus on these things for long.  To deal with all the cares of the life we lead on this earth at this time, we must focus our attention on the positive each day.  This is imperative to your life and those whose life you affect! 

We do grieve, and we must go through the channels of grief.  Wether we loose a loved one, or our jobs or whatever the trial we are in.  But do not allow it to consume you.  You have the ability through the Holy Spirit given to you at baptism, to battle these negative times.  We are never alone, for God has promised to always be with us.  God always keeps all His promises!  He does not take us out of the burdens of life, but he will make a way for us through them.  Why does He allow such pain and suffering?

Oh, precious child of God, if you only can believe and understand the Love of God.  That you are being formed for such greatness, such Joy and Happiness waits!  That every single thing you go through is sculpting you to perfection.  God weeps when you weep, He smiles when you smile and He would not let any thing touch you unless it was absolutely necessary for your perfecting.  And sometimes what you go through is for the perfecting of those around you!  Sometimes it has more to do with them growing then you!  Did you ever stop to think about that?  That when we surrender to our Heavenly Father, and Our Lord Jesus Christ, that we are in His hands, and sometimes He will use us to sculpt and mold others.  That your suffering may just be for some one very dear to you.  Money can not help them, your brilliant mind cannot save them, but by your obedience to Him, you just might be suffering in a way that will bring someone else to God, or growing closer to God.

Today, as we face whatever woes have entered our door, weep not long, but rejoice, yes rejoice even through the tears in your eyes, for God Knows.  God is in control, and the end results are worth every single moment of your sorrow.

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