Egypt and the world

 A recent article on the Middle East called " Quiet worries as Israel Watches an Ally Depart" says:
“He spoke about a snowball that was starting to roll, which would not leave a single Arab state untouched in either the Middle East or North Africa,” Mr. Ben-Eliezer said. “He spoke of his disappointment with the Americans. He said, ‘You will have to grow accustomed to one fact — that you’re going to live in a radical Islamic world, and no one can promise what will happen tomorrow.’

Touches on the latest uprising in the region.  No matter how this turns out, God has shown me this is a pivotal point in the history of the world as we know it.  Nothing is going to be the same any more.  We have turned the tide toward the completion of God plans for this time.  Nothing can stop what is coming.  Nor should christians want it too.  But I urge you all to check your foundations in Christ.  I do not believe the world is ending tomorrow.  For No man knows the hour.  But every man knows not his own hour of death either.  Any one of us can die tomorrow.  If we have put off drawing nearer to God and learning of His Awesome love and plan for mankind, do not put it off any longer.

Here is what I know, just plain common sense:
1. Gas prices will continue to raise.  What will it cost you to fill up your tank at say, $6.00 gallon?
15 gal tank would equal  $90.00 right?  Can you afford that every week?  If not NOW is the time to get a vehicle that you can afford.
2. Food will continue up, housing, taxes.  Make changes now to help defray the costs.  Raising some of your own, buying less junk, more wholesome foods.
3. If you are staying close to God, do not FEAR!  God knows where His children are.  They are set apart for His purpose and nothing comes against them without God knowing.  Keep your focus on God and you will (figuratively speaking) walk on the waters of the coming years.

I believe that the Father will bring on the coming of Christ not because the world has gotten so rotten that He cannot stand it but because the last First Fruit has completed the journey God wanted him to go through.

Do not neglect to teach your children.  Even the grown ones the best you can.  Not condemning or talking like you are holier then thou, but giving them the Hope that lies in your Heart that God himself gave to you.

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