33 Years ago to the day.................

I was baptized in Alaska.  That is a pretty long time.  I would rather celebrate this day than my birth.  It is more important than any occasion in my life.  It is the day that God called me from the world and put His Holy Spirit within me. Teaching me all things I need to know.  Giving me the strength to overcome and live a new life.  He continues to teach me every day.

Last night at exactly 2:22 am, God woke me from a deep sleep.  Revealing things to come.  As my family knows, God does reveal things to me from time to time and every single one has always come to pass.
This was a warning, a promise of protection and more.  As God reveals more to me, and IF He tells me to speak out here about it I shall.

As to the last post I made, I could not find the exact verse I wanted and last night God gave me that too, plus one more to add:

 21"I hate, I (A)reject your festivals,
         Nor do I (B)delight in your solemn assemblies.
    22"Even though you (C)offer up to Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings,
         I will not accept them;
         And I will not even look at the (D)peace offerings of your fatlings.
    23"Take away from Me the noise of your songs;
         I will not even listen to the sound of your harps.

My whole point about celebrating on God's appointed festivals, not mans made up ones.  Every called out brother or sister in Christ needs to make sure you know what God honors and what He does not!
Where does the holidays you celebrate come from?  How did they start, and why do you keep them?
Read more of Amos.  Do not think that these words were written just for the past, NO, they are talking to us today too!  Esp chapter 6, read that too!

Also, in my bible is a side bar about a festival of babylon. Babylon is a type of worldly society like today. Those who follow whatever everyone else is doing.  In this portrayal it says:

The babylonians observed moon festivals on fixed days of the month:  The first, seventh, 15th, and twenty-eighth.  In addition,  they had special 'Seventh" days.etc.  They did not work at all on the 15th day of the month because they believed there was o chance for good fortune on that day.
The greatest festival in Babylon was the "akitu" or new yar feast.  The babylonians celebrated this in march and april.  They spent the first four days making prayers to Maduk, the chief god of babylon.  In the evening the recited the creation story (the enuma elish).  etc.

I point this out because it just shows that nothing is new under the sun.  We have a whole new list of "gods" we worship.  God hates these worships!  He is the Only God.  His ways are the only way to life worth living and His love is the only lasting love.  Only by prayer and much searching can your mind be opened to know the truth.  Only God can really show you.  I am but a voice that speaks what God leads me too.  The real light comes only from God.

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