Ready for a New Year?

The rain was falling like a soft shower, as I sat on my couch, just looking out over the bay.  My headache is pounding, but a little movement caught my eye.  Up inside a lamp near me, I could see a bug struggling inside.  The heat from the lamp was killing it, but the glass prevented it from getting out.  I turned off the lamp and looked in, to see a lady bug.  Odd to see a lady bug out in December but then it was prob. hibernating and the warmth of the house woke it.  I don’t know, but I took the time to rescue it . I put my finger in and as I did so I noticed it also was tangled in a web remnant, my fore finger was the only thing it could grab onto to get out.  As it crawled along my finger I placed it on the rough entrance carpet on my deck.  This helped to remove any lingering web as it quickly moved off to a fresh start.
My headache started before I woke this morning, due to a wet and rainy week maybe, but got worse as I work on year end accounting.  My least favorite thing to do in the mornings, esp lots of mornings in order to finish.  Our Quickbooks system crashed three months ago, so am doing the rest of the year by hand.  The old fashion way by ledger, yes, handwritten ledger.  I will find a new program in January to work off but for now, this is do.
Do you find yourself like that bug?  Caught in a web of distress, troubles, and the more you struggle the worst they become?  The heat has come on, and you are baking in burdens you can not fix?  Maybe you need a huge finger to save you, like the lady bug.
Someone so big and powerful to actually take time to hear you, to see your blight and lift you out.  I have just finished the TDJakes Book I talked about in a previous post.  If you are looking for answers, and religion has turned you off, read the book.  If your turned off by denominations, read the book.  Turn on Charles Stanley of In Touch  too.  Both these ministers are a guiding light to the one who Can Save You!
This new year, is a fresh start.  No matter what your done in the past or how far down you feel you are, there is Hope, there is life worth getting up each morning if you want it.
If you are ready for a finger to help you, God’s finger of Grace, Forgiveness and Good news just for you, now is the time to start.
and make this a Happy New year of fresh new beginnings!

(book I was talking about here is in a previous post, see below)

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