Charles Stanley has a new book out called " Living in a Angry World" (link on amazon)  And .T.D.Jakes has a book called,
"From the Cross to Pentecost"  Both books are excellent!

I am glad I read the Angry World first, as I awoke to one such persons email.  These people HATE to hear about God, about happiness and Peace in spite of living in the trials of the world.  Some people think that if they are "good"(In their own eyes) and work full time at their jobs that all will be just rosy for them.  They are hurting people who are deceived, and in that lost state lash out in anger.  They have no peace, are not happy or they would not be lashing out.  If you are happy, and living in peace, you do not need to lash out at others personally.  Plain and simple.

Quote from T.D.Jakes Book
"Nobody searches for an answer if they don't have a question.  No one seeks a solution if they're not convinced they have a problem."

That is TRUTH!  I went through life at first, with no questions.  A dead fish floating down stream.  We do not HAVE to be this way.  FIND the real truth about life, fight back against the lies of satan and self worship.  Oh yes, humanity worships themselves, why else would they fight so hard to do things THEIR way, that THEY only can decide what is right or wrong.  Why else would they try to kill, their own creator at the cross!!  Oh, they killed Christ, but this just opened up the floodgates to come to Him.  He is now seated alive in Heaven and His plan for mankind shall not be stopped.  God is unstoppable.  His love is unstoppable.  Nothing will stop Charles Stanley from preaching His word or J.D.Jakes or any other minister GOD has put out here to speak boldly of his love and plan.

 (note: not all who call themselves ministers of God are in truth from God.  You need to read the word of God to know who is and who is not!)

When one dies another will be raised in his place.  God is here, the kingdom of God is nearer today than it was yesterday and the world is rushing to its death.

 I DARE you if you hate this blog to go out and buy both these books. Read them and Pray to God to open your mind to understand. READ the bible.  What harm is that to you?  Why would you not do it if even to prove just to yourself that you MIGHT be on a wrong path.  A path that has so deceived you that you are blind to the AWESOME PLAN GOD has for you!

Oh, just in passing, I thought I would add that God has blessed my husband and I greatly these past 7 years.  Not just in being able to have our own home, vehicles to drive, but every single day, we see the miracles of His provision.  I am rich in having loving and close knit children and many faithful friends.  Life is more than being filled with money and things that rust, and waste away.  I thank GOD for all the trails we have gone through, for each one has built character in us, I thank God for the enemies for they drive me to study harder and keep digging up more truth as God opens my mind to understand.

We always have enough, we are well fed, and loved.  Yes, we have trials  but they pass.  We never face these alone, but God and his faithful angels are with us through every day.  I have PEACE and great JOY.

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