What I did Wrong in Prayer!

copyrighted photo of art by Tirzah Bauer
This morning, God showed me a error in my prayers of late.  Now, this did not make me sad, or “doomed” but ELATED! Why?  Because I desperately want to know and improve every day!  Let me explain what I was doing wrong in prayer and faith:
Lets say that you have a parent or friend who through the years you have come to trust more than any other person.  Through thick and thin this person has always kept their word, always been open to you and loved you.  I will call this person “Dad”.  Dad is powerful in your community.  Runs a large business and the respect of the  whole town.
One day you called Dad, and you told Him all your latest problem with your boss who was mishandling the affairs of the office.  You told Dad that that the boss was good, most the time, but he just was spending the money irresponsibly and was not keeping up with his paper work.  And that you were having to do most of his work.  That you had approached the boss and talked to him, but he just could not see things your way.  
So, after much talking on your part and after much listening on Dad’s part you pause.  Your anxious, feeling let down by the boss, you know that you are exhausted.  You care for your boss, and have tried to help him keep the company going strong but he just has some weaknesses that he will not see, or do certain things differently.  Or that he just will not see how capable you are.  You are worried the whole company will fail.
Dad has listened quietly and added voice inflections all through the time you are talking, so you know He cares deeply. Dad then tells you, It is going to be ok.  Don’t you worry one more day, wait a while and He will take care of it.
A month goes by and you notice that things are changing at the office.  The boss all of a sudden has caught up on his work, and he hired a new accountant to care for the funds in a better way.  He is even listening to you and the other employees!  And you know that Dad has met with him and taken care of things.
Ok, back to reality.  Now lets say, you have a problem and every day you take this same problem to God.  You pray (give yourself a visual of actually handing this problem up to God, and He takes it from you)  Day after day, same problem is handed to God BUT every day, you take it back from God and worry over it, then in Prayer you hand it back to God.  Get the picture?
Now lets say we are back in my story above.  It is you and Dad in a room.  That first day is done, and the next day you go to your Dad and tell him the exact same story as the first time.  And again, and again and again.  What do you think Dad is going to think?
Dad will probably get a little frustrated with you for not trusting him and for not being patient.  Remember this is a human, this Dad and this is a fictional story!  ;-)
What do you think God thinks when you do the same thing to Him?
He is going to see that His child does not believe Him fully yet.  That we still need to grow in faith and trust.  That there is much work to do and room to grow. For until we can come in FAITH, and full TRUST and leave that problem at the foot of the cross, we are not living in belief!  Plain and simple.  Our real problem most the time is that we want God to do things the way WE want , when WE want them to be done!
For me, this morning, this gentle reminder is a burden off my back over a simple little thing that was weighting me down!  Now, I know, I can leave it in God’s Hands and even though through human eyes this problem is a disaster waiting to happen, God says it is His responsibility not mine.
Now, I am to leave it with God, smile and know that He is God! That whatever circumstances come of this, it will be for the good.  God’s good, and perfect way.
There is no doubt God heard my prayers.  There is no doubt that God wants and will do only what is perfect in my life for HIS plan.  My doubts were in areas that are not in my control, but in the control of imperfect other human beings.  But IF I trust in God why should I worry over what those human beings do????  God is over all, God is perfect, God is and always be in control over all.
One last note.  I am not suggesting here that you abandon prayer over a problem.  But add to your prayer that you need to have faith and trust in Him, ask God to help you have the faith, trust and belief to go on with your life and NOT be looking at the circumstances around you instead of keeping your eyes on Him.

New book by Stanley, I hope to buy this soon.  He always is a good example of how to handle adversity and conflict as well as learning how to walk in faith!

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