Play from the Soul, for it is not the instrument but you they hear:

There is a story about the famous violinist Nicolo Paganini, who stepped onto the stage to perform and as he picked up his instrument, he noticed it was not his own.  As he stepped backstage to see, if his was there,  the crowd wondered what was going on.  Upon a moments decision, Paganini, decided to walk out and tell the crowd what had happened.  But, he told them, I will now show you that true music is not in the instrument but comes from the soul !  He went on to play one of the most beautiful and arousing pieces he ever did.  The crowd was moved to a standing ovation of wonder.

Wether this story is true after all these years, I do not know. I first read of it, in the Stream of the Desert book.   But, the lesson is a treasure to remember for our own lives.

We are not who we are by the things we own.  The houses, the cars, or the lack of these things.  We are made by God with talents within us. If we look to God for all the things we need spiritually, we are assured God provides all we need physically.  God will take care to perfect us spiritually to bring forth magnificent music in what ever paths we may be going.  As we walk onto the stage of life, sometimes we are given a "old violin" to perform before the crowds.  Maybe that old violin is a job with low pay, or lowly work.  Maybe it is a physical handicap, or illness that restricts our ability to go out into the world and we must live through a small world within our home.  What ever it is, Have courage and Hope!

God sees your attitude, and your heart.  Work as if you are working for God and not that oppressive boss.  Do your art even though you are selling very little right now, if you are a artist.  Be that excellent example to all people of a child of God who plays from the soul, if you are a musician.

True meaning, honest and passionate for God's way of life.  Let your eyes only see God out there in the audience, not the world and what it thinks is right or wrong, but what God has taught you is best.

Let no storm of life, overcome you.  For God overcomes all things.  I believe our greatest weakness is in our own vain attempts to solve all the problems ourselves.  We must learn that without God, we fail in all we do.,

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