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“It is easier to serve the Lord in some manner than to love the unlovable, or be patient with difficult people”.  In touch mag, Oct 7th reading 2010.
Pondering this wise piece of information, I have seen it to be true.  At least for busy “do” people.  We are the doers of the church.  We adhere to all the strictest rules, law for law yet fail to see the purpose for the Laws to begin with.  Paul, I believe covers this in depth.  For people today, take note:
Our questions to answer is not what we believe is sin or not, but why did God set in motion certain ways to behave and tell us some ways NOT to behave?  Bottom line is, as our Creator, (who is the ONLY expert on what His creations are made for) only God can say what is good for us and what is not.
Apparently, It is good for mankind to love each other.  It is Not good to Hate each other.  Humans are made to care for one another.  We are to put out of our lives certain ACTIONS.  Not people. Love the person, hate the sin, so goes the saying.   
It is not good to steal.  Why?
It is not good to lie.      Why?
These are just two things, any reader of God’s word knows are forbidden.  It is not just the act of taking from someone what is not yours, or lying is deceiving someone.  Both these acts do something to very core heart of the person doing these that are destructive to the soul!  To the essence of why we were made, and how we are constructed.  To live in disobedience, is to burn your own soul in a way that is destructive to YOU.  THAT is why God gives us rules to follow.  Things to not do as well as things that are good to do!
Every action God condemns has a much deeper reason than just because He said so.  Although, In my mind, If God says so, I am going to do my best to follow it, because I TRUST GOD.  I trust that He know all things.  I trust, that He is in control of all things.  I trust that no one knows my body like He does.  I trust that whatever circumstance, He has allowed is what is BEST for me at any given time.  No matter how I might groan or complain (which I battle to overcome every day) I trust that He will do what HE knows is
Do you live with or work with some “unlovable” people?  People who irritate you daily?
How do you react around those who are sinning?  Have you ever sinned? (if you answer no or rarely you lie)  Did you know that one sin is as bad as another to God?  There are no small sins or greater sins, except the unpardonable sin.  Which is just that, unpardonable!  No, we are ALL sinners, so we need to learn to show love to all humans.
Patience (God is really working with me on that one!) with all people.  The rude driver, the impatient person in line behind you, the dead beat relative, etc etc.  
So, how are you loving the unlovable today?  I am making a project to pray everyday to do better at this myself.  To overcome myself, and look at every person as God’s creation.  Not to react but ponder how would God want me to act toward them.
To remember, that no one will learn of God’s love, except that we show them first.  SHOW them NOT PREACH so loud they cannot see what Godly love is.

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