We all Need to Feel Safe

This is not just a want, it is a need. To feel safe, cared for and accepted.  With all our baggage, our good times and our bad.  We are creatures that need to know someone will take care of us, provide for us, and most importantly, know us in and out. And still love us even knowing everything about us.

We want to feel that even when we fall down and make mistakes, that someone will still love us. We are not asking that the someone condones what we have done but that they are faithful to love us.

This is unconditional love.

My message today is short.  There is only one that loves us unconditionally at all times.
We do not even love ourselves a lot of times.  Then there are those who only love themselves.
but that is another topic!  No, there is only One True and Faithful Supporter of Us at all times.

Jesus Christ.

He loves at all times. He is calls us out of the this world to be in His Family with God the Father.  We can accept this offer or refuse.  The choice is ours.  In all my years with God, He never fails me.  He does not condone my sins, but when I am truly sorry, He always forgives.  I still carry the result of those sins, but not the burden of constant guilt.  He always provides my Needs.  Not all my wants.  He is Always there to comfort me, and will direct my path when I don't know where to go.  He gives me shelter, food, protection, Hope, Joy, and a reason to love life.

Tell me do YOU have that in your life?  If not maybe you need to open the door to God's House and come join our family.  It is forever you know.  He never turns away to help you when you surrender your will to Him.

Photo above is my precious daughter with her dog at the beach.  The tiny shelter was already there from some other builder. The storms will destroy this shelter this winter.  But my daughter is is in God's hands.  She will always be in His Shelter of Love for eternity.

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