Trick or Treat?

Ah, the things we grow up with,and that stay in our lives forever.  We pass them down generation to generation.
We usually do not wonder why, or question our traditions.  We just do what pleases us.  I was no different.  I remember when I was small visiting some relatives in Oregon one year.  I believe we had been in Alaska and drove back to the mainland.  My dad was not one to keep any religious or other holidays much.  Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I believe it was more a matter of money than values.

Anyway, I was not accustomed to the neighborhood kid activity of going trick or treating.  But for some reason, I got to go with my cousins one night.  I remember, one house that the rest of the kids decided they deserved a trick.  So we were all to throw rocks in their yard. (lawn area)  I only remember thinking that if my dad found out I did a action like that against someone, He would not be pleased.  My dad taught me to respect the property and the people all around me.

When I grew older, Halloween was a great excuse to dress up and go to parties.  For drinking, dancing and loud music.  I was dating at the time, and as most people came dressed from gory blood covered monsters to scantily clad mermaids, the friends all came to basically get drunk.  Not one of those parties ever turned out peaceful or calm.  All would end up with fights or police arresting someone, and at one, a school buddy  we knew shot himself dead. Another, big fights left friends hurt.  Most at least got very sick.

Ah yes the "fun" of halloween.  I know, we used to think that this "fun" was harmless, and it was "funny" to get drunk.  Is it so fun to throw up, act totally stupid. Drool and lack control to speak correctly?  Spend your night over the toilet.  Pass out in the gutter or lying in our own waste?

Why do we teach our kids to go around and DEMAND a treat or we will TRICK them?  Is this a good concept?  Why would we teach this concept to our children?  Would we not rather teach them to give to others, to act responsibly to all people, to care about those we don't know as well as those we do.
That getting drunk is not a "fun" thing to do.  It can kill the ones we love.  Getting drunk killed some of my dear friends, killed my husband.

What am I against at Halloween?
Drunkenness,and  teaching children wrong values. Adults acting without regard for others.

I am not against dressing up for a costume party.  I am for giving to others. But not if they are going door to door DEMANDING something.  I am against killing or even pretending to murder someone, to cut off their heads, or to glorify Satan or the demon world.

I am for traditions to teach kindness and moral character to our kids.  I am for acting that way as a adult.
I am not against black cats, or fantasy children stories.  I love make believe, and imaginary worlds where Good always wins over bad.  I love the Narnia Stories, The Stories of Hobbits, Star Trek and Harry Potter.
Good Wins over bad.  The stories where there are those who practice good  and they overcome doing bad things in their world.  Triumphing over evil.  Some stories show the life struggle to go against the crowd, to overcome great odds to help others.  It is not about this group or that group but the INTENT.  The Heart of the person, and character.  It is imperative we set a right example for our kids, and if we have no kids we should be setting examples for all kids.

Take the pumpkin photo above. Why can't it be a happy pumpkin for the kids?  Why mean?

But some do not know the difference between what is bad and what is good! That my readers is why we have the bible!

I think harvest time with pumpkins and celebrating the end of a year with family is good.  I just believe we should analyze why we do certain things and ask if they line up with what God shows us is His way, or is it Satan's way.

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