Raising Our Kids, Part two "Have we abandoned our children?,"

We are not born with the knowledge of how to train up our children.  And for many  people today, we were not brought up in a way that we can emulate the correct way to raise our children.  Many people were raised in single family homes of abuse, neglect or in homes with a mom and dad, but were still constantly yelled at, ignored, and left to their own devices.  Some are caring parents, working hard, have good values, but because they work all the time, and are gone all the time their children too are , “abandoned”  These children “have it all”.  All the latest in clothing, every new gadget, the latest cell phone, go to everything, are involved in everything, and yet they too are abandoned.  Abandoned to learn, not the values of these hard working parents but of whatever they pick up from the internet, the friends they choose, or the games they are addicted too. 
Children, they soak up all information like a sponge.  Remember when they were babes and just crawling?  How every little piece of fuzz on the carpet went into their little mouths as they explored and tasted everything.  The parent has to constantly watch them to make sure they do not eat something that is not to be eaten.  They do not know!  Constantly watching to see that they do not fall, or poke a key into a light socket.  They do not know the danger!    We do!
Even as they grow older they NEED your constant guidance, your teaching in what is right and what is wrong.  And why it is right or wrong?   Early on, every child needs to learn about God, His values, His perfect knowledge of how we, as humans should treat each other, and act. 
I read on the internet, a study by a group of people around the world, about Violence against children.  In 2002, a estimated 53,000 children died of homicide.  Between 133 to 275 million children worldwide are estimated to witness domestic violence annually. And the study goes on to say that this exposure to violence on a frequent basis is affecting how the children grow up and become involved in violence themselves.  
  It does not take a rocket scientist to know this WILL affect the children.  They are learning how to live by everything they see.  But in home violence , meaning between the caregivers,and or relatives, are not the only way they will learn violence.   Your children can be “taught” how to be violent through the games you allow them to buy and by allowing them unlimited use of games.  It is more complicated than you realize.  The ratings these manufacturers use are not as they seem.  Many games that even adults should not play are available to your child under ratings for “mature audiences.”  Some of these games have pornographic sex scenes built into them after a  certain code is broken.  Some have vicious and disgusting scenes of depravity that no person should ever be putting into their minds.  Much less children who are learning.

This is where you as a parent, need to quit just assuming your child will only play what you would approve. That the game you actually buy is ok.  You need to watch this game with the child yourself before it is approved for them.  You need to be teaching them them as they watch any TV show, or watch a movie, or play games. Teaching them  what is good, and what is unacceptable behavior.
Is it good, to cut off a persons head, stab them with a knife.  Even in play???  And have fun watching blood spurt all over? What does the games teach?  There is a balance in all things.   I let my children watch things where bad things happened.  According to the age they were at the time and what I deemed they COULD watch.  I also, would be right there telling them , what was good and what was not good in everything they saw.
I did not allow them to play with toy guns, or "play" killing people.  Children play at doing things in preparation for being a adult.
Killing is not a game.
There are some awesome games out there, great movies.  Lots of choices.  You need to be the guide to which of these they are playing.  And the teaching much be constant, as your child is not with you always.  They must choose for themselves when visiting other houses on how to behave and what they should and should not do.  Just like smoking is most likely, something you do not want your child to do.  IF you do not teach them to say no to smoking why should they not want to when offered it?  It has to start young and you have to be on this teaching day and night.  And by the way, if you smoke , how can you really teach your child not too?  If take drugs, over the counter or other, or if you come home drunk.  How can you expect your children NOT to do these same things?
It is not a being a tyrant, it is gentle consistent voice in their ears.  While they are young, you are their everything.  They look up to you, for examples of who they will be.

TO be continued..............................

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