Raising Our Kids, Part one "How I almost lost my son"

It had been just a few days after my husbands death, that the prince of darkness tried to take my son also.  My sister, had driven up from Anchorage to visit me in Wasilla with her two children.  She had a son, same age as my son Richard, (8 yrs old I think they were) and a daughter a little older than my daughter.
Richard and his cousin, were out playing while the girls, my sister and I stayed in the house and talked.  My daughter was only about 9 months old at the time.  We lived 1 mile down a dirt road apx 15 miles from town.  Very few people actually lived there. No homes were visible  from my house.  Bob, my husband had died that June, the eve of Fathers day.
We lived in a unfinished home in a very rural area.  No city lights, no city congestion, it was very much like a homestead, but we had electricity, and running water.
My sister and I were talking, I am sure about Bob’s recent death and what that meant for my children and myself.  Just then, the door flies open, and my son comes up all excited to me, “Mom, can I go to the circus!”  I frowned, and said, what circus, there are no circus’s right now.  Richard, went on to explain that a man had asked him and his cousin to go with them to the circus, and that this man would drive them.
Needless to say, my sister and flew out the door, where her son stood looking down the road at the dust.  We could see no car, but could tell someone had left quickly.  Then we learned the horror that all parents fear.
A long black car had come down the almost single lane dirt road and stopped where the boys were playing.  The windows were all tinted dark and the boys said it was the longest car they had ever saw.  A man was in the front by himself, but someone in the back, had rolled down the darkened window to talk to the boys.  This man had told them about a circus down the road and that if they would get in the car, he would take them both to it.
Richard, had said, he could not unless he asked his mom first.  The boys had thought what a great opportunity and were so excited, but I had firmly and steadfastly taught my son to NEVER go anywhere, unless he asked me first.  This was 1984.  In the most rural of settings.  We did not fear our children being abducted out there!  If not for the Angels of God looking out for them.  I and my sister would have lost our sons that day.
The thoughts of what could have happened to them give me tears to this day.  There were NO circuses anywhere that day!
My point is this.  Without careful planning and knowledge on how to raise our children, we will lose them.  Without consistent teaching and training, your children will be in danger.  Like a roaring lion, seeking to devour, your child is a lamb in the jungle of life.
If Richard had not been taught never to go with strangers where would he be today?  Teaching and training does not guarantee your child from all harm.  But it sure is required!  

To be continued......................

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