Oh My, I have deleted 20 posts Accidently!

Today, in a attempt to re-organize my "labels"  I deleted a lot of posts, and now all my current ones are gone.  Do you have days when everything seems to go wrong?  I have had some where about mid day and every single thing has dropped, backfired, or fell over, that I just sit down and start laughing.

I mean, why get angry or too upset.  It is done, can not bring it back.  Why waste energy or your blood pressure on it.  Why not just chalk it up, and rest a bit, then go back and keep on trucking.

We can let circumstances rule our emotions, or we can take control of our minds and decide to be joyful in the worst of times.  It is not immediate.  I sure do not feel inspired to write 20 new posts to replace all that I lost today, but I will rest a bit.  Read some encouragement devotional, and tomorrow, I will be posting again.
So bear with me, I am sorry some food for thought is gone.  God must have some better ones up ahead!!

BTW, the spider here, was one we found in a garage lately.  Was the size of a dime!  And no, I am not fond of bugs.  They have their place and it is not in my house!  ;-)

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