The Way to Peace and Happiness

"The way to peace and victory is to accept every circumstance and every trail as being straight from the  hand of of our loving Father"  From the book "Streams in the Desert by L.B.Cowman"

When we can come to that place, where we Understand the width and the breath of how much God Truly loves us.  What LOVE is.  The magnitude of it all.  True Belief.   Then it is easy to understand and have peace, joy and victory in all things.

When I look back at my mothers gentle and constant care for me.  How much she loves her children.  I know for fact that if the circumstance were to come where she had to choose her life to save one of her children, I KNOW she would die for us.  Knowing this, I know that whatever she does, is out of love.
IF then, her love which is tiny compared to my Father and Jesus Christ in Heaven.  How can I not keep this in perspective when so called, "bad" things happen to me?   I must take a moment every day, every minute, every second if necessary, to contemplate the truth. That whatever God is allowing to happen in my life, is because the one who loves me the most has deemed it absolutely necessary.

Knowing this, I can then, say in my heart and mind, "let it be so my God.  Not my will but yours be done."

In the past I have recommended the book "Streams in the Desert".  Here is a new one based on that book by the same author but for the kids in your family!

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