Truth, do you seek it?

A picture of me with two of our dogs. Cookie died a few years ago, the sheltie.  The other we still have. Time waits for no one.  Each day we make choices.  Some days I wake up and find facing the day is very hard.  I think of all the problems, the hardships, the trials and wonder why should I bother to do much of anything!  But, from years of following God, I know this:
My emotions, and feelings are not what is real.  What is real is the words of God that He has taught me over this last 30 plus years.  So I reject my own feelings, and emotions, and start by kneeling in prayer every morning. Some times twice in the morning.  Then I read through my devotional.  Right now I am going back through Streams in the desert.  I also then read my In Touch magazine.  At midday I will be talking to God again, and always I am listening to HIS voice not my own.  What is Truth, according to GOD, not me.  It is a BATTLE, a spiritual battle of the mind.  Not what I see or what I feel.  At night I study the bible and pray more.

Reality is what God tells me nothing else.  For satan will come and lead you to believe false things. You will become depressed and burdened.  But fear not!  God is always here for you.  You have but to call out in His name and the power of the Holy Spirit to over come!

This is where I found strength to go through the death of my husband in 1984, and while I raised two children alone.  When I fail, I am renewed by God's hand, not my own.  When my expectations are not in line with my Fathers, I know He will get me back on track.

note: Joyce Meyer is a hard hitting teacher that I really appreciate her spot on truths.  She does not beat around, but will tell it like it is.  I recommend her books and if you can listen to her on Tv do so.

"In the business of life, Man is the only product.  And there is only one direction in which man can possibly develop if he is to make a better living or yield a bigger dividend to himself, to his race, to nature or to God.  he must grow in knowledge, wisdom, kindliness and understand."

"Seek truth and pursue it"
We love to be blind!  As a whole,( humanity), we do not seek truth, we want to hear and see only what we want.  For to accept real truth means we have to change.

Real truth is not just want you see, or feel.  Truth can only come from God, who created all things.  For in this truth we learn what His purpose is.  His secret to great success and how to live life abundantly!  We learn great riches not of gold or silver but things which will last forever and will fulfill
everything your soul keeps searching for.

Do you know, even if you were to get every thing you expect, you would NOT be happy?
Why? Because until we have learned to be happy where God has placed us with what God has given us, we will not know peace and fulfillment! This is TRUTH!
So, we must relax, and trust the only Person who loves us more than anyone else.  Jesus Christ.

John 4:23
Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and 
truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.John 4:22-24 (in Context) John 4 (Whole Chapter)

We cannot be near God without seeking His truth
Psalm 145:18
The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in 

Do a word search of "I tell you the truth" and see how many times Christ says this!  His words are living streams of truth.  

Believe (God's truth) and you shall have everlasting life!  
John 6:47

As long as you live in sin, you are a slave to sin.
John 8:34

But believe the truth and This truth will set you free from being a slave!
John 8:32 

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