Re-occurring Dream

I was having these dream over a couple nights.  They were stressful, and I seemed to be wearing myself out trying to "solve" the problems.

I was living with a primitive tribe of peoples.  For some reason I had to go into another area to get some frozen chicken (how a primitive tribe would have frozen chicken is beyond me!) 
While doing so, I they slipped out of my hands into a pool of urine soaked water.  Then began my frustrations.  How was I to tell all those hungary people I had ruined the food?  Could I wash it off with water and then burn off the skin?  How could I face them, I was scared.

After having this stupid seeming dream for a couple nights, I was exhausted.  But then I awoke and the answer was simple!

"It was not real".  This revelation was a lesson for me to remind myself of, in the ongoing battle of the mind.  Followers and true believers of Christ must go through every day.  The truth stopped it, and it quit bothering me.

The Lesson

Discernment is vital in these days of such great deception of truth.  We must be able to  tell the truth according to God and what is lies as we go through life.  It is not easy, and only if you are fully aware of God's truth will you be able to divide truth from non truths.  This too, comes from God not our own set of 
personal beliefs.

We all know that things can happen to you while you are young that deceive you all through your adult life.  For instance, if you had a parent who continued to tell you, that you were ugly, you will grow up sub consciously believing you are ugly.  This is a lie, and until you learn that How God sees His children and Believe Him, you will go on believing the lie your parent told you.

I knew a man who always said things derogatory about the Japanese.  In his mind they were all bad.  He grew up during world war two and lost someone he knew in Hawaii when they attacked so after he was grown this "lie" continued.  How ignorant and misguided.  We need to regularly judge ourselves to see if we have some discernment due ourselves.  Keep a vigilant "eye' on truth, and seek it with all your heart, truth according to God our creator, not mans "truths"

I found a disc set from Charles Stanley, A pastor I trust in His teachings, on this subject:

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