Are you a Good Steward?

a responsibility to take care of something owned by someone else. “

These sheep are all made from telephone cords and old phones.  Very appropriate in a art way! 
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A few years ago, God gave me a vision of this:
“ I was standing at the house of the Lamb”  and the words came to me, 
“You stand at the house of the Lamb”.  
At first thought, I imagined a little baby lamb, but instantly I understood the Lamb was Jesus Christ!  But what did that really mean?  I knew that it was a overall meaning that I was called and set apart for God. The lamb of course is Christ, and the “house” is His government. KEY: ALL THINGS BELONG TO GOD.
 I knew that God expected me to stand up for Him, and His ways and commandments.  But, I also knew that, I did not FULLY understand the extent of what He said.  I am beginning to know a lot more now.  A recent article  of “In Touch”, June 2010 also covered some of this, which inspired me to research again some of the greek words.
The word Proistemi, a Greek word means:
(concordance #4291)
The Strongs Concordance is the Number One study help, every Christian needs to own and use when you do in depth works. I will provide a link below to where you can purchase one  
from 4253: *in front * above * 
from 2470:   *to Stand *Abide * Appoint * continue *covenant *Establish *hold up *present
What this means:
A word denoting that God has given every believer a responsibility to care for and  Stand up for, Abide in, and Present, His Word, His ways to all you come in contact with.  To be Godly leaders in your family, among your friends, and co-workers.  
This does not mean to be leaders as the world leaders are!  Not for any selfish gains, or prestige, or to be seen highly among man.  It is giving of your self as a beacon of light shinning to Christ!  We are in the shadow of His Holy Ways, only the flashlight pointing the light on God.  Helping others grow toward the light, and not putting stumbling block to them to stay in darkness.
If you are rich:  
1 Timothy 6:17-20 (New International Version)
 17 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. 18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 19In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.
 20 Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge,
What and Who has God entrusted in your Care?
Look around you, the circle of people God has brought into your life.  Some are there for a moment.  Did you love them, like Christ loves you?  I don’t believe you start talking about Repenting and be Saved the instant you meet someone and never in a overbearing way. You will instantly turn off people if you start pointing out their sins and look like you are being Self Righteous better than Tho!
 Read how Christ taught!  And imitate Him!  (1 Thes. 1:4-7) God should be so real to you, that you will mention His name during all casual conversations like He was a member of your household.  In time, as you study and pray, drawing ever closer to Him, this will happen without effort or pre thought.  
Stewardship is a Pro-active word.  The opposite is being passive.  Reminds me a lot of the parable of the talents in the Bible.  The one person, who did believe but Hid his talent in the earth. He did not discuss anything about God to others, he did not act on His faith in any way, but let others do the works.  He did not get involved in any needs he saw.  (Math: 25 14-30)

There is balance in All things.  All things are before God, nothing is hidden.  Our hearts no man can judge, but God knows ALL things!  We stand or fall before God. Not man.  To man I am a failure, but to God I am doing His will.  We are called and given Stewardship NOW over all that God has brought into your life.  Wether that be things you own , family, or relationships, pets, your own body and keeping it healthy, Etc.  ALL things.  The very breath you breath is from God every second of every day.  Do we praise him for that?  PRAISE is another Responsibility of a believer.

Stand up For:

When a moral issue comes up, do you keep silent when a wrong is done?  Or do you speak out what is right from God's point of view?  This can be scary at times, for many will condemn you!  Today the world wants us to believe that we need a "open mind".  "do not judge" but these words though true, can be bent to fit the wants of the those who desire to stay in sin.  

You cannot stand up for what you do not know either.  If you do not know where God stands on certain issues, how can you stand on anything?  Like my favorite old saying, by a unknown author, "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything"

I could go on for hours more, but a little here today, and a little more tomorrow, is better than too much all at once, and little gained.  A lot to drink in, it is "Spiritual Meat" not milk toast.

here is one of the types of Strongs that I find a vital research tool.  Again, NEVER take any ones word for truth, LOOK it up yourself. Pray often for TRUTH.  And Trust that God will provide!

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