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What do we build our foundation on?

I receive a FREE publication called, "In Touch" from the In Touch Ministries   The free booklet comes once a month and any one can sign up for one.  It is always filled with relevant, inspiring, and corrective lessons.  A small devotional for each day is part of the monthly reading.

Charles Stanley is one of God's very special leaders of faith today.  I hope you check out the links

I am ahead in my reading so in the last one I read for May 5th, this short clip is one I underlined, (talking about Fellowship with Jesus,
Important lessons:
#1 To have fellowship with Jesus, we may have to leave some things undone.
(here talking about the time Martha who wanted to get the work in the kitchen done while Mary chose the better thing, of precious time learning from Jesus)

Listening, learning, and interacting.

#2  was that our choice to forgo an activity may be misunderstood.

Martha's distraction from what was really important took her to worry, and agitation.

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