Take a Day Off

photo by Nadine in Coos Bay!

Today, I have decided to cancel any appointments.  Put aside my work in designing, and just listen to God.
Have you ever done this?  Just put everything else aside find a quiet place and listen?

It is the most refreshing thing you can ever do for your mind, your spirit and God is always there to listen to you!  It is only in the quiet moments that you will reap the most of what God wants in your life.  You cannot be talking on the phone, or watching movies.  You cannot hear God if your mind is anywhere else.

I will take a big drink of water first, and then for however long I deem I need too, I will go without food or water while I read God's word, pray, and most of all just listen.

More than likely I will go to the beach and sit in my car while I do this.  Turn off the phone and relax with my Father and Jesus Christ.  If I have any pressing questions I will ask those first.  Then again I will wait, listen.  Later, I will give thanks for everything I can think of in my life, That I need to be telling God how much I appreciate His giving to me.  Things like my little home, being near the Ocean, family, friends, health etc.

A great peace will come and tremendous Joy that nothing can take away.  All the same circumstances are around me, but they will be in the proper perspective at last.

I see people look forward to the weekends.  The workers drag themselves through the week to that weekend when they plan shopping trips, or football, sports, or movies.  While all of those are not bad, I often wonder why we never or rarely show that much enthusiasm for God!  The one who made us, who sustains us, protects us and provides for us.  How often to you scream "Yea GOD" and jump up and down?  The sport fans sure do.  The people who IDOLIZE singers and movie stars do, but what about God's own people???  How do they show their love?

Should we not take a day and not with all those around us seeing us praise God but in private go and worship Him?  Or even just a few hours?

You will be glad you did.  That is IF you truly want peace and want to know what God thinks of your life and what direction you are going.
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