Do this, Don't do that, WHY?

Quick post this Am.  I was listening to a pastor speaking of sin, and I realized that most people just see sin as some "DONT" from God.  They do not understand that God has a Reason for all the "Don'ts" in our life.

If you buy any kitchen gadget or a auto, anything.  There will be a list of things to NOT do with your purchase.  WHY? Because the manufacturer wants to impose his own rules and regulations?  Because he has a twisted sense of humor?  No,  They want you the consumer to be safe!  They want the product to last you a life time or whatever the product was made to last for.
 (today there is so much greed in business that most companies want to make sure they do not get sued. So that is the reason they give all these warnings, not because they really care what happens to you.  They want you to keep buying from them. Thankfully, God is NOT motivated like they are!) 

IF you have children, you as a parent will have some rules for your kids that is for their own safety.  They will not understand these rules and will rebel against you as they do not understand WHY. When they are young, you are unable to explain why, and they are to TRUST you.  Now, I do know that many parents have rules and such that are of , shall I say, "personal choice".  Based on nothing but their own ideals.  NOT on safety.  For instance, I would not allow my children to Scream at the top of their lungs for no reason.  I felt that if they were screaming it had better be for a extreme good reason, as I would be running to help them.  It also really bothered my brain!  You know, the story.  The boy who cried wolf?

My dad had some stupid laws.  He would not allow my mom to cook certain foods in the house.  Because he did not like them.  My mother might have liked them.  But he did not so that was that.
That is a stupid law and from his own opinion, not for the good of all.

God is NOT like that.  Let me Tell you IF GOD says something is SIN it is because as your maker He knows it is BAD for YOU!!  You break the law and you will reap the consequences.  People act like God has laws just to keep freedom from themselves, making up their own mind.
(exactly why the first two people chose to "take for themselves" of the tree of good and evil)

  Over time, if you keep on sinning, it will change you into someone that is not normal, not able to think or act in a human way any more.  Maybe in small ways at first but as time goes on the mental damage is done.  Searing the soul.

Stealing, deceiving, lying, harming others, sexual sins, hatred toward others and hatred to God, killing, evil thoughts, and desires.  Anything that is against what God made. Using what God made in a wrong way, and purpose all have terrible consequences.

You see, everything that God created in Man was made for a purpose.  A divine purpose, and do use it for something other than God intended is against God's purpose.  God is perfect and Holy, and His plan is for the GOOD for all man.

Some day, all will understand.  Right now we have Satan and the demons who will DECEIVE the world.  A person who is deceived does not know they are deceived!! They will think they are good people doing what is good in their own eyes!

So, this is WHY Christ came and DIED for us!  He came to bear our sins and to make a way for us to be reconciled to GOD the Father!  He is the only way! Otherwise we are are DEAD in our sins.  For all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

But why wait?  Admit your sins and surrender your life to God now and KNOW His rich blessing!!
THERE IS A GOD and wether YOU believe in Him or not is irrelevant.  HE KNOWS YOU!  He and You will meet one day.  That is 100 percent sure.

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